Posted by: suek2001 | August 17, 2014

The Gift of Friends…

There’s this excersise in positive thinking that’s been going around on Facebook..Name three things that are positive about your life.

It was a rather easy excerise for me but then again, I tend to celebrate the little things in life.

Last weekend, I took part in The Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale Az…it is hard to describe and I have written about it elsewhere but I must write about it again.

The five days I spent there were glorious…Warm weather, cold a/c…great music..and great friends…

It’s the great friends I want to dwell on. I love the Kingston Trio..and the thought of hanging out with them makes me smile. Their music is top notch, their joy is unmistakeable and their talent is forever blowing me away.

Still, my greatest joy in going is seeing friends. These people have come to mean so much to me….and their support for my writing and for all aspects of my life really feel like a family.

I am friends with member of the Kington Trio as well. It’s a great symbiotic relationship. I won’t divulge any conversations I’ve had with them in this blog but they’ve covered a wide range of topics.

This year was a bit different. I had a roommate. Debbie Pinkney….she deserves her own shout out…a great Canadian with a great voice and an adorable vibe. I haven’t roomed with anyone for a long time so I was scared that I would annoy her…and to my knowledge, we got along wonderfully…It gave me hope that I might want to get married someday as I think I might be ready to adjust to living with another person..but for now, baby steps…

The music flowed from one day into the next..and the performances and randomness are all a blur but the sound of laughter..and the sight of friends is what I will take with me…

John Stewart was the one who founded the Fantasy Camp all those years ago…..and one year he decided to write a song for all the Campers and the friends we have made through the music. Little did he know the true impact of his music on us and on the friendships born out of his idea all those years ago..

The song is called “Old Friends in the Morning Light”:

For all my Fantasy Camp friends, I deeply thank you..and feel humbled by your acceptance of me…

May we continue to let the flow of music, friendship and love in our lives.



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