Posted by: suek2001 | July 29, 2014

Writing for God..finally…

Something happened this morning…and that flashed me back to the year 1993..

I was attending church at Cape Coral Asssembly of God…I was at the altar asking God for direction  in my life…and the Spirit directed me to devote my writing to His kingdom. I knew that my writing talent had to be used to lift up and glorify God.

I told Mom and her reaction floored me..

“Oh Sweetheart!! You’re going to Bible College!!!!!”

Now..wait a minute…I don’t want to go to Bible College. I’m not looking to become a Bible nut..I thought..Mom was adamant…

A year later, August 1994…I was attending classes at North Central Bible College….

This would alter my life for years to come. I met some great people there, lost a dear friend..and I would change majors four times. I don’t regret my choice in Bible College but at some point, life became not about conquering dreams but about surviving and paying bills…

My writing was put on hold until I started blogging…Still, I longed to see what my gift could do if used for His kingdom. I waited for the right moment…

This year, it came….

As my longtime readers know, I have been a part of a great church called Abundant Life Church in Duluth, MN. This is a church that has an incredible family, a great heart for the community and the strongest prayer life I have ever seen. Their motto is “Expect Miracles”..and believe me through these people, God works those miracles…

Pastor John Soshea approached me with the idea of writing sermon recaps and having them appear on the Church’s website. I felt honored. So I started to write them and again, life happened and it wasn’t as consistent as it should have been. Pastor has been more than understanding with me but he promised the sermon summaries would be put to good use.

I had been used to writing about faith but with my own perspective and interpretationn. These summaries were different because I was using my Pastor’s words and our Church’s interpretation of Scripture to put forth our mission of reaching the world. It felt like I was back in Bible College, writing papers for someone else to read. It was a great challenge but one I was glad to do.

This morning, I went to the website to read their “Bible verse of the day” and noticed two of my summaries are up under the “Recent Posts” section. I read through them and Pastor did add some of his own flourish to my work but my name is credited. I laughed as I recalled my arrogance in college. I once told my best friend, “I cannot believe my professor wants ME to edit my work. Doesn’t he know that God gave me this gift and when you are editing my words, you are editing God’s wisdom?”

Ah..hubris….at one point in life..all of us have it..but humility would come to me eventually.

I feel so honored to have my work included in the Abundant Life Church’s website. I am thrilled that the path I prayed for 21 years ago, is finally coming to light. Yes, my work has been published in my own blog but to be used on another site, makes it all seem worth it. I love my Church..and if my talent had to wait to be used, then I am glad it is Abundant Life’s website.

So here is a link to our website and to my writings:

—–the Home page——-

Sermon Summary–“Fight Fire With Fire”

Sermon Summary: “From Rejected to Respected”


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