Posted by: suek2001 | July 1, 2014

The family of work….

Work is an interesting thing…It can be what propels dreams forward..It can hold you back fronm some achievement of greatness…

For all that people complain, it is a place where we spend eight hours a day….So, for those 8 hours, the people you work with become a sort of alternate reality. 

I’ve been wondering if I’m really a great person at work..and I have come to believe I am not….it’s not that I suck at my’s just that my personality becomes slightly heart feels different. I become more insecure and almost like an animal trying to adapt and yet not succeeding….

Still this post is not how I hate my job..I really don’t…It is what pays the bills..allows for the money to have fun….it’s a love-hate relationship. I just wish I could be the kind of person that people outside of work see me……and easy to get along with…I don’t always live up to that ideal..

Of course, all my insecurities fade as the news that we received today…a co-worker passed away..suddenly…not sure of the cause but he was a young guy…and he started a bit before I did so we came into working the night crew together…He was a great worker..shy..a bit socially awkward but not a mean bone in his body….and now, he’s gone..just like that…mid-30’s..gone…

We lost someone else this year..from cancer…I didn’t know her as well as others…but it was a loss that left a whole in the workplace…

So, I guess the lesson is that we all have an impact…sometimes it can be good…sometimes it can be bad…For me, these two people we lost this year were good people…They did their work..they beleived in giving their best to the people…I really hope I can do the same…

As I close, I think of that line from the late John Stewart…

“No one’s getting younger and a few aren’t getting old”…and pray that I have a chance to grow older and wiser….

Truer words….may we all realize that…



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