Posted by: suek2001 | June 8, 2014

Florida..where people make their own dreams..if they are lucky..

I lived in Fort Myers, Florida for about 15 years….It never was home…I moved to Minnesota in 1994 and never regretted it.

However, I’ve learned to have a soft spot over the years when it comes to Florida. Since the 2000 Election catastrophe, it has gained a reputation for being weird and a bit unstable…

True, there is the odd story of a man trying to buy a six pack of beer with an alligator…and there are politicians that can’t decide which party suits them best…and then there are those politicians who are looking for ANY party as long as they don’t get caught…

Still, I’ve learned to respect Florida for a myriad of reasons..the least of which is the variety of ways you can retire down there…From golf shacks in the swampland. For every income level, there is something to call home.


I’ve come to respect that aspect of Florida… and am glad Mom has found a home there.  I love going back there to each trip has it’s own value to me. Some are just quiet times with Mom..Others are all the touristy things that one can accomplish in a week…Still, there are those random moments that make a trip unforgettable…

(Caution..this is a great anecdote but nearly impossible to write out as it’s all in the accent..Still, I wrote about it to someone and figured, printing it here was worth a shot)


Mom and I had errands to run that we did a few and then Mom wanted to take a drive out to Pine Island…about 20 minutes from Cape Coral…it really is out in the boonies…and a land where the middle class go to retire..
At the end of the long main road, you see the bay and the Gulf of Mexico…and at this point, Mom and I were hungry…so we stopped out at this little shacky place called Captain Con’s Fish House…the prices were a bit high but we were starving..
We had burgers and onion rings..the rings were awesome…their ladies room was decked out like nobody’s business…it was like someone was given a special project to do..and they went all out..carpeting..awesome wall-paper…everything…
The restaurant wasn’t all that far as decor goes but they had one lady that just made it all worth while…
She was the only waitress…a young twenty something…ample in ALL the right places….Her yellow t-shirt tightly fit…her tiny black shorts fit over her large posterior…Her shorts were the kind that had writing on letters..reading from left to right, you could clearly see the word “GOOD” on the left buttock amd the word “LUCK” on the right buttock..all in green letters….Mom could not help but stare…and wonder…
So, the waitress came over..I had to tell her I loved that accent…It was a DEEP southern drawl to it..and I told her I came from the land of “Ya SHURE..You Betcha’s” and it was so refreshing to hear. Mom asked “Where Are you From?”
The lady replied, “TAN NA SEEE”
Mom asked again, fearing she didn’t understand her..
I told her it was “Tennesee”..Mom thought she said “Penn State”..which cracked ME up to no end…
So, Mom being old and able to get away with things..asked the girl “What is the meaning of your shorts?”..
She paused..looked thoughful..and in THICK southern drawl said “Well, I bought ’em on clearnace..they’re comfortable”..Mom asked “Why Good Luck?”…
She thought about it for a moment and said(again in thick Southern drawl): Well, I guess is has somethin’ to do with St. Paddy’s Day, I reckon'”…
I gave her a $6 tip for a $15 lunch….she earned it!




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