Posted by: suek2001 | June 8, 2014

Blood in the water..freedom in the air…

I have this weird habit of pondering what life is like outside of my hometown. What goes on in the lives of other people in other towns….and every now and then, I think of how my day at work was rough…or how I get frustrated with the weather or some TV show I’m watching and realize that across the  sea..and in some desert somewhere are men and women in uniform…living lives I could never live..enduring the horrors of war, fear, and everything I would never face…and I owe my life to them. My spiritual life was paid for on a cross a long time ago but my physical freedom was paid by every drop of blood shed by every soldier in war-time.
This weekend marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day…I have seen Saving Private Ryan..and read about it in textbooks…and yet it all seems almost academic to me. I cannot imagine the fear they had to swallow as they made their way on to the beaches of Normandy..I cannot fathom the heartbreak of seeing comrades in arms perish in bloody, grotesque ways all around…and still being mindful of the mission of liberation.
Wars tend to be politicized and scrutinized for rightness and wrongness far too often. We tend to only think of the soldiers who serve as pawns in some international game….Yet, 70 years ago, they were given orders…and they obeyed…and through the hell and devastating loss, they persevered and won the victory.
They liberated France..and kept the Nazi’s from world domination…and only as the war was winding down would the truth of the horror of what was done to people, would be revealed. I’m sure some soldiers wondered if it was worth the price of life but I know that I am forever grateful for the price paid.
I have never served and don’t know anyone personally who has served. Still, I deeply appreciate the sacrifice….and can also appreciate when our nation and it’s leaders cared for our soldiers more than they do now.
I pray for every member of “The Greatest Generation” receives their great reward as their time draws near. I pray we never forget or take our freedom for granted…for we know who to thank…
and for that I say THANK YOU!



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