Posted by: suek2001 | January 28, 2014

Goodnight Pete..

I rarely write a tribute to artists having just passed but Pete Seeger just died and my heart is heavy….

He was 94 so he lived a long life and had time to shape music for generations to come….


I became lover of folk music through John Denver….and through John Denver, I fell for the Kingston Trio..and through the Kingston Trio, I heard The Weavers….

Pete’s voice of calm and peace meshed with that sharp sound on the banjo…

Ahh..the instrument from Africa that transformed American music…Pete’s guide to playing that instrument was influential on so many young banjo players..John Stewart and Dave Guard for example…

His influence was found in the Folk Revival of the 60’s and the singer-songwriter movement of the 70’s….

While the morning shows paid tribute to Pete in a short minute segment, Pete deserved so much more….His drive for peace through music and marches and activism is unmatched by most artists today…I may not have been alligned politically with Pete on everything but as he put it: “You can say things in music that you can’t say by talking to people”..

I know this blog has been a little incoherent but this is just me..thinking out loud of paying homage to Pete……There are better bloggers that can put Pete’s music into intellectual perspective but I’m no musicologist…

When I was a teenager I had moments of fear, hate and depression like some have during that time….and I turned to music….and the Kingston Trio….their cover of Goodnight Irene was on repeat for me….and for me, that music reached me…and for that, I think Pete would be proud…


Goodnight Pete, Goodnight….





  1. As you pointed out in conversation, he should have gotten a Nobel Peace Prize.

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