Posted by: suek2001 | December 30, 2013

A birthday tribute to my Mom…..

As I sit here and think of my Mom I can’t help but think of the song she used to sing to me when I was a little girl….You and Me Against The World by Helen Reddy..For a very long time, it was just the two of us trying to make our way in the world..together..

My mom taught me so much that trying to express it in my blog is nearly impossible……She taught me to love and care for others in the way she gave her time, energy and livelihood to the elderly.  She taught me to be steadfast in the Lord..and seek Him in all things…by our bible studies..prayer sessions and weekly Church attendance..She taught me how to care for animals as she would take in stray cats and feed them and shelter them..She taught me to how to respect myself and believe in who I am by showing me every day the kind of woman she truly is…and to know that women can be so much more than what society tells them…..She taught me how to forgive when family breaks your trust…and that starting anew can be life–changing…

My Mom is an incredible woman..make no mistake…She’s a fighter… the most basic sense. She fought for freedom against an oppressive husband…fought to give me the best health care growing up…and fought to make a life on her own…and free herself from family judgement and low expectations…She surpassed them all..She’s a survivor…and yes, her finances haven’t always been grand but she taught me to laugh, love and enjoy what life can bring..and to trust for better days..because even when her trust in God is at it’s lowest ebb, it’s still there…because she fights to believe on some days…

Her life now isn’t really an easy one..Age has changed her a bit..but her humor..her love for her animals and her unending love and support for me is still there..and yes, her faith is still there as well…With all things, she still fights to survive….both emotionally and physically…Yes, her birthday is tomorrow..but for me she is ageless…and she will last forever in God’s love, grace and prescence…and I will be so proud of her when God says “Well done my good and faithful servant..well done..and here’s your reward”..








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