Posted by: suek2001 | September 10, 2013

To remember someone…

September 11th is upon us….and it seems like only yesterday,and I’m sure the blogs will be filled with political edge or personal rememberances….

I recall where I was…and I won’t go into that…I could write about people I knew that were killed that day but I don’t know of anyone personally..however, I always pause to recall a couple that had a profound impact on my television habits….They perished in one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center….David and Lynne Angell…

I never met them..knew almost nothing about them except their David’s name was all over one of my favorite sitcoms…Frasier…

Frasier is long gone off the air on NBC years ago but the show lives on in reruns and on Netflix…

My mom and I still quote Frasier to each other and I often quote the lines to myself on a weekly basis. It is truly one of the greatest sitcoms of the last 20 years…and they don’t make them like that anymore…

For me, David’s passing on that horrible day is equally sad because he was heading back to LA for a table read for the show…and to imagine the cast trying to create great comedy after losing one of their guiding forces, is just hard to do…

So, on this day, I recall all the people we lost on that tragic day…and I also pray for those who knew and loved David and Lynne Angell….and hope they draw some comfort that all these year later, the words and spirit of their friend makes us laugh…and laughter heals…


For a more personal look at David Angell and his direct impact, check out Ken Levine’s fantastic blog about his friend:



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