Posted by: suek2001 | September 10, 2013

It’s About Time?

As I have stated elsewhere , I just turned 42 years old…and on some level, I feel older than that…

When I was a teenager, my worldview was heavily influenced by John Denver and some leftist beliefs….My Mom really wasn’t much of a liberal in the 80’s…she was just trying to survive..and the only animosity she held towards Ronald Reagan was that he interrupted her soap opera for press conferences that really had no purpose.

I recall having anti-war slogans on buttons and bumper stickers when I was a teenager..and believing..truly..that peace in the world was possible….


Interesting how times have changed….


Our president is about to launch a strike on Syria…..and all I know is that we have to retaliate against their president for causing the deaths of so many people through chemical weapons…

I’m sure there’s nuances and more complex issues….but I am not seeing it…and maybe I’m just not smart enough to…

Truth is….I am tired…..I am tired of being told by our leaders that war is a must and the only way to bring stability to that region is through US intervention…

I swear there are times when the US foreign policy boils down to one line from an old Herman Hermit’s song….”Second verse..same as the first”…

I’m not saying that the world will only have peace through no war…In fact, I don’t believe world peace is possible..for one simple reason…..Peace is only possibly when we ALL stop thinking of ourselves first and what we want out of life and from others….and if we do that, economies will capitalism and government are great at exploiting our selfishness..

So untill we start really doing for others..on a massive scale..true peace..the absence of war..strife…greed..hunger..and all those other problems John Lennon imagined being gone, peace will never be…

So, what I am saying is we accept that some places will always have turmoil..some leaders will always have agendas to wipe out the undesirables….The Middle East has always been the punchline to jokes about “Well, if you can solve this problem, than maybe you can bring peace in the Middle East”…

So, why do we need to get into this fight?  Yes, people are dead…We have children die every day here in our nation…and all our leaders can do is blame an inanimate object and huff and puff on the evils of that weapon….and nothing gets done….So, why in the world , do we think we can handle another nation’s problems when we can’t even agree on how to handle our own?

I have only been on this planet 42 years but I’ve heard it all before…We must go to war to bring true peace….Vietnam….Iraq…The Balkans….Iraq again…and Afghanistan….and again, our leaders give us no end game on what qualifies as a win….America should win if it goes to a draw is a waste at this point….and yet what is winning?

So, I want peace…We’ll never get it but for once..Can’t leaders THINK about what they are asking of us? Where will the money come from? Will we have to borrow from China again? How much longer before they own us?


All these thoughts and questions swirl in my head…as I think back on the dreams of world peace I had…and how once in the 8th grade, I wrote a five paragraph essay on how to stop a nuclear war. I received a perfect score on it and thus began the notion that I had a gift for writing….

…and now, all these years..I beg for peace…not out of hope for humankind but exhaustion from the politics of this planet….Is this what it means to be old?  Fatigue over ideals?

If it gets our leaders to stop this senseless Syrian war/strike, then I am for whatever works…

I will close with a link to my literary hero..Mike Royko….Back in 1990, he wrote a column before the first Gulf War broke out….brilliant in encapsulating the US foreign policy and what it asks of it’s citizens every time it changes:

..and one more link….can’t resist posting a great song from the Kingston Trio that’s just as relevant today as it was over 50 years ago:







  1. I’m thinking that selfishness and greed are the source of all conflict.

  2. I don’t want us to go to war…again. Yet, I see the other side. I think about my first reaction when I read about the Holocaust. I wanted to know why the hell the rest of the world didn’t do something to stop such a horrifying crime against humanity. The problem with being a world super power is we’re the ones who are supposed to go in and fix things. Because on the one hand, war is horrible. On the other, who’s going to stand up for those people if we don’t?! How many of them have to die before the world says enough is enough?

    I hope we don’t go to war. But I’d think less of Obama if he ignored this issue entirely.

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