Posted by: suek2001 | September 8, 2013

A resolution of sorts to the Postal Service Saga

Earlier in the week, I wrote a rather angry blog about what happened to my precious birthday box….

Well, today, there was resolution…On Thursday morning, I went to the Duluth Post Office and stated my case…and in my mind was a bit angry and even a bit arrogant…They tried to tell me they  wouldn’t refund my money..and there was nothing they could do since the package was taped poorly and the fudge and cake fell out…I scoffed and got upset when they tried blaming their “automatic sorters”…

I have noticed a trend in business and in life that no one truly accepts personal responsibility anymore..and if anyone takes offense at something, it’s the standard “I’m sorry if you were offended ” type stuff…which angers me more…

I felt in away that’s what I got when I went to the Post Office and heard their arguments.

Still, I never blamed anyone in the Duluth office for what happened. We are not that kind of town…and the resolution that I received today proves it.

When I left the post office on Thursday, I was ready to close the chapter…with no refund but merely a chance to air my grievance against the system. I spoke to two people…was a bit snippy with the main clerk and then talked to a woman who was the Post Office Supervisor….I walked out of there with no refund but a sense of a chapter being closed…


Well…I was wrong..that chapter closed today, when I received a handwritten note:

“I apologize about the items in your package that did not arrive. Even when you knew there was no refund, you were both very understanding and polite. Thank you for the extremely good attitude”…

In addition to the note was a Postal Money Order for $20.70..the exact cost to ship the box.

I was not expecting that in the least. I am surprised and grateful…and just tickled that it was the Duluth Post Office that finally resolved the issue. I think if this would have happened in a larger town, I would have been out of luck but Duluth is a special place..and we have manners and for the most part, we care for each as neighbors….

..and besides, if a Duluthian stole the fudge or cake, they’d leave a note and ask for the recipe….

I love my home…



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