Posted by: suek2001 | September 5, 2013

A thank you to John Stewart!

I was watching Nightline last week and they did a story on great songs of Summer…and that a great Summer song is one that you can hear anytime and it can jog your memory and take you to the happiest time of your life…

Only one song came to mind…..Gold by John Stewart….

It was the Summer of ’79…my Mom had announced that we were moving from Minneapolis to Fort Myers, Florida….and I had all summer to prepare to say goodbye…..One song was all over the radio..Gold….

That opening quiet bass line….that opening line of “When the lights go down in the California town”…

California…..In the 70’s…everyone was moving to California….Hotel California was a big hit..and with that, the mystique was born….For this Minnesotan, California was a big, weird place where earthquakes happened and it seemed a million miles away…

Still, the song..with that drive…and a rock beat with a hint of disco edge( but not too much) and of course, the Stevie Nicks vocal that added that Fleetwood Mac flair…..Whenever that song came on the radio, Mom and I would crank it up as we drove down the freeways to wherever we were going…that was a great road song..a great summer song…

Nothing else like it…..For years whenever I heard it it flashed me back to that time….and I never knew who sang it…

Flash forward to the late 80’s…and I was in my Kingston Trio phase..and trying to learn everything about these folk gods that I would come to know and love..and seeing John Stewart’s name connected to a song called “Gold”..and finally hearing it on the radio and realizing it was the SAME guy who I heard on those records…Wow….

I would meet fans of John’s through the internet and be exposed to all facets of his solo career…..The man could write a great pop introspective song about history….and a great song about …practically anything…from roads to rats…..

He was a marvel….and his talent knew no bounds….and yet he wasn’t world famous…Still, the songs were great and touched the soul!

So, fast forward to 2012….I am now fully a fan of the Kingston Trio and John Stewart….and I attend my first Fantasy Camp..and meet some of the greatest people I have ever met….I hang out with members of the Kingston Trio and I feel like I’m with a giant musical family…

..and whose idea was all this????? John Stewart’s of course….the guy who wrote and sang a song that was one of my all-time favorites….John is responsible for introducing me to the people I have met….How can I ever thank him?

He’s gone from this earth now…and I never met him…I think he read some comments I made in a group he belonged to but I have no clue if he even knew who I was….

It doesn’t matter if I never met him..I met his fans and that was lifechanging enough…

I went to Fantasy Camp this year again as well…and although I haven’t blogged about it yet , it doesn’t mean it didn’t have the impact…

I made new friends and realized how much I love the people I do know….

..and John Stewart was responsible for that…..

So, as I finish celebrating my birthday….I celebrate John’s birthday on Thursday…For he gave me my favorite song of all time….but also friends that will last a lifetime….

Happy Birthday John….and thanks…

Here’s a few different versions of the song:

Here’s John doing it on Solid Gold:

..and a live later version:



  1. Very Nice, well written and it said something, something I liked as well.

  2. Thanks Sue …Happy Birthday to You and Happy Birthday to John!

  3. Great write up Sue. And happy belated birthday to you.

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