Posted by: suek2001 | August 4, 2013

The strange feeling of liking yourself..

I have a lot of blog ideas and this is the last thing I wanted to write about…

I realized today that it’s truly easy to hate yourself…your appearance, your body type..your personality…because in that regard you can blame yourself when things don’t go right….and when the guy of your dreams(or the guy in your dreams at the moment) does not get a clue that you like him, you can hate yourself for being too ugly….too short…too fat…or too “out there” personality-wise…and sulk in that misery and eat a gallon of ice cream and move on to the next chance to self-annihilate…

However, when you finally realize what a dynamic person you are..and comfortable with your personality..your heart…your life and even your body type, it can be difficult.

For, when a guy rejects you, you want to grab him by the neck and say “Do you have any idea what you are missing by not seeing the great looking,, wonderfully loving, extremely witty woman you have right in front of you?”

True , the rejection is more a loss for them but that means you move on but still, you want to figure out WHY..and beg them to find out what more they could ask for when you KNOW you are the total package…

Sometimes it’s just so hard being this awesome…I just refuse to go back to those days of self-hatred….I wasted too many years that way….and now I move on to the next chance at finding twu wuv….yippeeeee…..

Maybe I’ll buy a plant instead…they only need classical music to please them…



  1. Not that I’m not wishing you success on your journey to find twu wuv, but I’m glad this one didn’t work out. He seemed so moody, especially when compared to your lightheartedness.

  2. Getting a plant wont work : you dont like classical music all that much.

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