Posted by: suek2001 | July 27, 2013

Travels With Suzy-q

It’s Sautrday morning as I write this…I am at the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale, AZ…and I feel a tad bit guilty for not endlessly blogging about this but truth be told I havn’t had time or am entirely sleep deprived.

So, I shall try to gather my thoughts on the trip so far….

First off, all the rains the Phoenix area has had really has helped to green things up. I recall last year, the dessert was this endless sight of red and brown clay with cactus mixed in. To see lush green grass and the deep green of palm leaves against a hazy blue sky is really jarring…

The skies have been mostly overcast so the weather has been slightly cooler but more humid. I don’t recall my throat being aggravated like this last year but it’s a small price to pay for being at Fantasy Camp.

One of the interesting things this year has been the fact that the Scottsdale Plaza Resort had oversold their rooms. It is a huge headache for a lot of people and a bit of an inconvenience for people like me.  However,  other accommodations have been made and I crashed at another, not nearly as nice hotel about a mile down the road..that first night…The bed was awesome though..slept like a rock…..

By Noon, Friday I got my room at the Plaza and felt like I was home again. This time instead of a single room, I got a suite. The suite , minus the kitchen, is about as big as my apartment in Duluth. Really spacious and has its own deck.

Now for me, this is a bonus as all I really need is a place to lay my head and spread my suitcase out. The heart of the reason I love this room is the essential ingredient to all great real estate ventures….Location, Location…Location…

Last year my single room…as awesome as it was for me, was on the other side of the hotel grounds..away from so many other people,, suites and random musical interludes. This year,,I am only a few doors down from the main hub..the hospitality suite and other friends….

That makes me feel a part of things….and I noticed something….how comfortable all this seems to me. It feels like a musical home of sorts to me. I can easily recall how to walk to the main lobby and how to get to the pool areas….and just where my friends are staying. It’s a really different mindset for me this year. I am no longer on the outside experiencing this through fresh eyes but approaching with a knowing heart..and that makes me feel more at home…

“..and the music makes the whole world feel at home”…….—-John Stewart..

(..more to come…)



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