Posted by: suek2001 | July 27, 2013

The overwhelming feeling of gratitude…

I mentioned in my blog earlier that the hotel I am staying at overbooked and a lot of people were sent to another place down the road. I am writing this from my own viewpoint so I know others won’t share this view….

I knew I wanted to go to Fantasy Camp…and things and blessings happened and the good grace of God brought me here..Some of my dear friends from last year could not make it….and I do miss them..for their guidance and assurances made me feel welcome that first year…..

Still, these last few months before this trip have been stressful. My job has hours have changed and I wasn’t sure I would be able to go. I had the financial means…the will..and the hope but not the time to go to Fantasy Camp.

When my bosses worked it out so I could have three days off to go, it was a miracle considering how many of my o-workers didn’t get that same opportunity…

So, as I walked off the plane, I told myself “I am here!!!! I am actually here!”…

I know some people had to wait ’till almost 7pm Friday to get their rooms..and that can be stressful…and the shuttle and endless conversations of locales and weather with the shuttle drivers can drive you insane at times it still doesn’t change the fact that you are here…when so many can’t be…..

I feel incredibly blessed to have this experience..and to have the overwhelming sense of love and friendship from these people is beyond amazing…

I have long been a fan of the Kingston Trio but it is finally dawning on me that I am a friend of this marvelous group. The warmth and smiles that Rick Dougherty, George Grove and Bill Zorn have shown me in the last few days (and yes, at that fabled concert in Duluth), how giving and generous these guys truly are…and for me, it’s more than just saying “Oh wow, you sing great! Sign my CD” It’s asking how they are and worrying they may strain their voices in the suites…or not getting enough rest. I know they are used to the life of a musician but I realized I want the best for these guys for I care about them…and in the deepest sense of love for who they are as people, I love them.

They truly are the soul folk brothers to me and to all the friends and fans that gather here in Scottsdale Arizona…

—-more to come—–



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