Posted by: suek2001 | July 22, 2013

The sad reality of being a woman in America.

I watched a bit of President Obama’s remarks on the whole Treyvonn Martin case and it struck me how nothing really seems to change…..

Obama’s remarks may have been reassuring to the black community and to those who experience racism and I can see his points….

However, his example of a “white woman clutching her purse a little tighter when a black man enters an elevator” brought a whole series of thoughts to mind.

For all the advancements, women have made in business, politics, religion and sports, the sad fact remains, the moment we walk out our doors, we are in a defensive mode. As a 40-something woman I have seen enough talk shows that focus on self-defense and know your surroundings…and what ploys men to use to go after teen aged girls or drunk girls in a bar.

It’s 2013, when will it end? Almost every procedural on TV begins with a woman’s dead body or a woman surviving a rape….and whenever a report on anyone missing captures the nation, it is a woman that is the focus. Can you blame a woman for wanting to clutch her purse tighter? We are taught to fear at an early age.

When will it end? Do men have to take self-defense classes? Do they get lectures on where to grab on a body to incapacitate? Do they get schooled in the art of using mace? Probably not..They buy a gun…and yes, some women do too….

Guns may be a 2nd Amendment answer to a self-defesnse question but I am sick and tired of there being a need for self-defense….

No one in the women’s movement, to my knowledge anyway, has gone after the root cause of why women are prime targets for crime. They focus on abortion, birth control and equal pay…all of that means nothing if a woman can’t feel safe walking to the corner to get her own skittles and iced tea….or enter a bar alone on a hot day and have an apple-tini without having to ask the bartender to watch her drink while she goes to the bathroom or puts a dollar into the jukebox to play “Scotch and Soda”….

I understand this case in Florida has touched a racial nerve but blacks aren’t the only victims…We women just accept the fact that we are victims too often.

Yes, there are victims rights groups and domestic abuse advocacy centers but that is all after the fact..nothing about preventing it.. I’m not saying I have the answers. I just  wish a lot more of my sisters would start asking these tough questions.

True equality won’t happen untill we no longer need self-defense classes…or a multi-pronged weapon…I just wish more women in leadership spoke up for us outside the abortion clinic.


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