Posted by: suek2001 | July 22, 2013

Celebrating a birthday of a dear lady.

Today is a special day….it’s Monday in reality and I tend not to celebrate those so I will instead celebrate Muriel Soshea’s birthday.

Now, I know some of you who read this blog will wonder “Why should I care as I have never heard of her?”.  You should..She’s 87 years old today and is the mother of my Pastor at Abundant Life Church in Duluth..

I dearly love this woman. Her laugh..her smile…her monster talent on the organ are fine and awesome but her loving spirit is what I really love about her. She gives of herself in trying to help out when we have fellowship..She teaches the children songs to praise God. She is a quiet voice of authority behind the scenes. Muriel has battled health issues in recent years but still soldiers on for God in His kingdom work of our church.

Every church should have a Muriel Soshea….I know I did growing up..When I see her I think of the elderly ladies such as Pauline Pope and Anne Befi. My mom loved to give rides to church for these women as their love and devotion to God was to be admired. I loved chatting with these women and I never resented siting with them..I know as a young, punky teenager I was supposed to sit with the kids and be disaffected by the Church but I was just the opposite. I received more acceptance from the little old ladies in my church than from my peers.

The elderly women in my Church taught me joy, love and perserverance in serving God. Muriel is doing the same thing today. I’ve said it often enough that attending my Church is like getting a warm hug from God. When I get to hug Muriel, it feels like an extension of that…

I pray that she has a great day in God…..and I pray we all pay attention to the eldery gifts from God we have around us every day.



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