Posted by: suek2001 | July 16, 2013

The jello queen moves on…

Ah….blog writing time….and I feel weird writing this so late in the morning…Today, my new shift at work starts…After working about 8 months on early morning day shifts, I switch to late-morning, early afternoons…

I am not a morning person..or at least for years I never thought I was…This job forced me to be…and even at that, I still wasn’t my awesome self  ’till at least two hours into my day…

I rarely write about my job as only those who have done the work I do can really relate to what I do all day…and I’m not one to vent about that type of stuff…

I work in dietary in a hospital in Duluth…For the last six months, I have done the same job with the same routine every day….and that included everything from greeting paitents, preparing trays to go to the rooms and to making jello and custard.

I will admit the mere thought of making jello and custard at the outset of this job scared me to no end….I really had convinced myself that I would be the worst at the job…I hated it..dreaded doing it and tried to bribe others to do that part of the job for me…

Amazing how the negative part of my brain went into overdrive with the mere thought of doing something out of my comfort zone….I admit I haven’t been the easiest person to work with and I’m sure some of my co-workers think I am really short on my happy pills somedays but here I am seven months later…still employed…

When they handed out the job duties yesterday, I was at first relieved to know that the making of jello and custard would no longer be mine…Custard is now gone from our menu…jello has been moved to a part-timer….

I will miss making jello in some ways because I grew to be quite capable at it and also proud of the work I did..I jokingly referred to the 4 oz cups of colored goodness as “my children”…

..and now, they will be someone else’s children…I still will have to cap and date the jello(I shall NEVER marry!!!) but the prep work is passed on to someone else…

Here’s the funny part, I have a whole new  level of food prep work before me..sandwiches…These are the basic ones…meat..butter..and bread…I’ve made a few of these in the past and they always look like someone took a machete to slice them…I need to work on my slicing skills…and the best part, I am not afraid…for I have conquered jello. I can do this….

So, as I go to this new shift and we all discover new ways and new things to do, I am comforted that in all the changes, I am still there…earning a paycheck…It may not be the most emotionally satisfying work but the thrill is in meeting the challenges…..and for me that’s a huge improvement over six months ago.


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