Posted by: suek2001 | July 16, 2013

In this hour of quiet contemplation..

it’s weird how routines get to be something I treasure…..About seven months ago, I started getting up at 5am every weekday….I hated it as I am not the kind of person that bounds out of bed. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful and thankful for what God gives unto me every day….It’s just that He made my brain and body be on the slow track of appreciation at that hour.

So, for the first month or so, I was just barely rolling out of bed, full of resentment for going to a job that I wasn’t that great at..and barely awake for most of the day…

A couple of months in, I realized that in order to be a better worker, I needed my days to begin better…So, it became 5am shower…check of the weather….and then a quiet morning reflection time..

5am in Duluth is really an interesting time to be awake….the sun is just coming up and the red/orange hue hits the glass of the downtown buildings and the whole skyline looks like it’s on fire….the noise of traffic isn’t quite ready to assault the senses as Duluth doesn’t have a rush hour for another two hours or so…

So, this time of morning feels like it’s all my own…and so I began reading daily devotions and Scriptures while listening to modern worship songs…..and praying for people and things that I know would either impact my day or someone else’s.

This became my time…and I rather enjoyed it…

Now, I’m up later and the noise of the garbage trucks are outside my window…and the traffic hums along..and the daily lives of people intersect…the quiet is now gone..replaced by life, it seems…

I suppose I’ll get used to these new hours and new assaults on the senses..Still, that doesn’t mean I give my devotion time to God….that’s what I look forward to…

..and the one blog I read without fail every morning is an old friend and pastor from my North Central University days..His blog makes a great devotion:


So, to enjoy the quiet reflection before all the noise intrudes, I may have to get up earlier than 8am….and that won’t be a bad thing as that will give me even more time to thank God for His many blessings in my life…



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