Posted by: suek2001 | July 14, 2013

If you Don’t Look Around…

There once was a boy that only God knew the true heart of…God knew the full potential of that young man…and whatever sins he may have committed, God loved him no matter what.

There once was a man that had issues with pride and authority. He may have been a saint..He may have been a sinner….Only God truly knows…

One killed the other…and God grieved at the loss…for those two men..their lives…their paths..their hearts…their souls are now forever gone and changed…..

Racism..injustice…all these words are angry words…Oppression..suppression..are all words that divide….riots…anger….and disbelief are words that wrap us into negative action…

God weeps….for George Zimmerman..for Treyvonn Martin..for their families…for the justice system..for the hopelessness for a people that were hoping for closure and receiving none..for arrogance of a race that still believes they have conquered their racist fears and stigma…

God weeps……and all I can do is pray…and say “Come, Lord Jesus Come”….




  1. Nice and well put Sue

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