Posted by: suek2001 | July 8, 2013

Music makes pictures?

I have a few random thoughts on the Kingston Trio concert that will be posted in the next few days but this was an observation I made yesterday.

I purchased a new digital camera this week. I really love it….and I barely know how to use it. I bought it mainly  for pictures of the sights and sounds of my beloved city…and to capture  500 shots of my favorite banjo player and his folk soul brothers….

I’ve been to a number of concerts put on by the Kingston Trio but never brought a camera with me during the show…untill Saturday..

I noticed something..I hated taking pictures of the concert. I wanted to capture everything but I found it distracting from the moment at hand. I swear I missed several great instrumental breaks and moments of great harmony by these guys…and I regret that…

I’ve noticed in the last few years that cell phone cameras and other photographic devices have taken over the public square. Forget Big Brother watching us, our neighbors are watching us…and in some weird way by taking pictures, we are cheating ourselves out of “now” moment.

It seems we would rather repeat a memory from a photograph or a video screen but not from our own hearts…and that is sad…..because we are robbing today of it’s gift in order to buy a memory for the future.

Now, I am not knocking photography as a way to capture moments and people. There are plenty of skilled photohraphers that capture the heart and soul of a brief moment for us to enjoy. I’m talking about the average person(such as myself) trying so hard to savor a moment but forgetting to live in it…and I do have friend that doa fine job of taking pictures of the Kingston Trio but they average a Trio concert once a year or two….This was the first time in over a decade the Kingston Trio played in my hometown.

I also find it amusing that so many want to take pictures of the same thing at the same time..a great eample is the recent PR stunt Micheal Buble pulled off in NYC.

He ransomly showed up on a subway platform to perform acapella with a doo-wop group to sing a song fom his newest release…People were so excited that they pulled out their cameras and phones to take pictures.. The official You Tube clip shows a crowd of people with their faces obscured by screens of all sizes…and I just wonder if they regret not living in the moment…

I know this will sound hypocritical from someone who posted close to 30 images of the Kingston Trio on Facebook, but I was caught up in the moment of a new camera and my favorite group…but with that action, I was merely lying to myself by thinking I was in the moment when I was really letting it slide by.

I have been gifted with a great knack for absorbing images, words and music into my head and into my heart..and God has blessed me with a great recall when I need those memories to heal me or to encourage me. I really should trust in that grace.

I will still take pictures at concerts but only the friends I meet there before and after…as I don’t want to miss a thing….and now I must go and play Kingston Trio as Aerosmith just popped into my head…




  1. When I bring a camera I snap a couple pictures. I don’t need every possible moment captured. If I want a picture, I snap one. They make nice memories. But one or two photos will recall the memory just as well as the 500 photos you said you wanted. 😛

    See you tomorrow! ♥

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