Posted by: suek2001 | July 7, 2013

The Kingston Trio play Duluth..

It’s about 8:30 in the evening….I have been counting the days, minutes and hours to the Kingston Trio concert….and that now, that concert belongs in my heart, my memory and my camera’s hard drive…

Music is such a powerful thing…and I learned long ago that to write about music is almost like describing a painting over the phone. It will never do it justice. I could print out a setlist and tell you jokes and stories but the feeling would not be there.

Still, this blog will do the best it can with a limited medium and a semi-gifted writer…

The concert was held at Bayfront Festival Park. I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of this park. It has lousy acoustics if you’re on the wrong side of the park and the a stiff breeze will blow whatever music you love away from wherever you happen to be. Thankfully, no such wind existed today.

The best thing it has going for it is the surrounding harbor with the Lift Bridge nearby..

It’s hard to write a carefully crafted blog about this as everything is still a haze of joy and sadness that it’s over…and also there are some great moments that shall remain only my memories…

They came out onstage after an endless speech about self-motivation that I barely paid attention to….and in all honesty, give me a mic and I could motivate you even without Scripture or a reference to the saving knowledge of God…

(..but that’s not why you called..)

They didn’t get a proper mic check but were still able to open with a roaring version of “You’re Gonna Miss Me”..great banjo and great diction by the guys to get through the chorus….

They were hoping the crowd would get into the show but apparently, the crowd wasn’t on their side yet…so they did “Sloop John B”….

I will point out that this configuration of the Kingston Trio is by far the most melodic when it comes to their voices….A song that I’ve heard a million times live sounds fresh in their capable hands….

Other songs flowed.

Zombie Jamboree (Twilight Movie reference)….Early Morning Rain…Scotch and Soda(got to dance with my friend to that one!)…Forever and a Day….MTA…To Morrow…Greenback Dollar with the filthy word omitted..Tom Dooley..Rueben James…Born At the Right Time…Where Have All the Flowers Gone…Road To Freedom…with a shout out to John Stewart and his great way of capturing the Camelot era of our nation..beautifully spoken by George…

The air was sticky and warm…and the rain drops were infrequent but enough to keep people from really letting go for the show. I am glad there was a turnout…and glad the guys came…I spoke with all three after the show..and complimented them on their shirts…although George thought I said shorts…he was wearing pants….:-)

All in all a great set and a great show…

Some random moments that I hope I will never forget:

Bill Zorn pointing to the Lift Bridge as it raised…and watching abit while George did an intro…it thrilled me that Bill got all geeky over the bridge like I do…and then during “Born At the Right Time” favorite ship, the Paul Tregurtha passed under the Lift Bridge and signalled the bridge..the ensuing contest over who had the loudest horn drowned the Kingston Trio out for a bit but they played on…

I think the mere thought of three of my favorite sounds, the Lift Bridge..the ship signal and the Kingston Trio all in mere moments of each other was just too much to bear..

Here’s the setlist

Frankie & Johnie
Sloop John B.
Early Morning Rain
GreenBack Dollar
Zombie Jamboree
Reuben James
Reverend Mr. Black
To Tomorrow(Wonderfully done by Bill)
Genny Glenn (Great Scottish joke intro and fantastic to hear this!)
Forever and a Day
Scotch and Soda
Tom Dooley
Road to Freedom
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Born at the Right Time

I am thoroughly exhausted from the day..and my brain will recover tomorrow and may write some more but for now, go see the Kingston Trio!

…and because it can’t be said enough, 19 days ’till Fantasy Camp!!!!!!!!!



  1. … Go see The Kingston Trio indeed! … fourteen days and a wake up ’til Scottsdale and a week of happening now!

  2. Post some of your pictures here Suzy! You look so happy in them! 🙂

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