Posted by: suek2001 | July 6, 2013

..and my Kingston Trio dreams linger the hills of my home..

It is a warm summer evening in Duluth…A bit overcast and a touch of humidity. There is rain forecasted tomorrow and I am not pleased.

For me, tomorrow is a big day. The Kingston Trio will be in Duluth. They won’t just be here. They will be ten blocks from my house. I love the Kingston Trio. Their music means so much to me . I get their songs stuck in my head at work and they immediately make my day brighter. I have strong memories of singing the songs with friends and family.

Their concerts are the epitome of fantastic instrumentation, otherworldy harmonies and dynamic personalities..and I get to experience all that tomorrow without flying or driving or riding a Greyhound..and all in my favorite city in the world….my home,Duluth, Minnesota.

In the past month, I have driven my friends and co-workers mad with random countdowns of how long before they take the stage..days…hours and yes, minutes….Some of my excitement is just to keep a running gag going but there’s a part of me that really is shocked they will be here.

I have seen the Kingston Trio a number of times in Minnesota and with various configurations. Most of these concerts happened in the Twin Cities. One was in St. Cloud. Other times, they have played over in Bayfield, WI but I haven’t been able to attend…So, to have George Grove, RIck Dougherty, Bill Zorn and their faithfully talented bass player Paul Gabrielson in Duluth is really an event.

To my knowledge, they haven’t played here in decades….and with this current line-up, I really am blessed…In fact our city is blessed.

Of course, once the concert is over, I will post a review and set list if I recall to keep one. I will post pictures with my new camera,if they turn out….

For now, I shall post a couple of links to other blog entries about the Kingston Trio that I have written in the last year or so..

First, a review of their awesome new album:

..and then an entry written around the time they were in St. Cloud(great city btw) and I could not go for a myriad of reasons:

..and a tribute to two of the members who share the same birthday:

One final thought, my main reason for being excited for this show is that is REALLY happening. They were scheduled to play the DECC about six or seven years ago but the gig fell through as I think the local entertainment booker went broke or something….I was told by someone at the time that I wasn’t a real fan as I wouldn’t go across the state or the country to see them..I took offense at that as music fans should never have to prove their devotion to a group. I knew they would come and in all honesty, I am glad it’s the Rick, George and Bill lineup rather than the one that was scheduled at the time.

Duluth has waited a long time for the Kingston Trio…and we deserve the best and in a bit over 17 hours we will get the best…

Come join us down at Bayfront Festival Park on Saturday, July 6th…3:30pm.



  1. I hope you have tons of fun today Sue! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the pictures you’ll take and hear about what you have to say on Monday.

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