Posted by: suek2001 | July 3, 2013

For those who have no fear…

in the last few months, my job has had it’s struggles and victories…and there are days I would love NOT to go to work but I do because I know that I can possibly be a bright spot to other people…and they can be that to me…The best days are when we all work together to just get through the day….and all we have to do is get food to the patients at a local hospital.

I write all this with firefighters in mind….In Arizona, they recently lost 19 firefighters to a strong blaze. They went bravely in, knowing the conditions and were surrounded and killed by the flames they were sent in to put out.


I cannot fathom their last moments…I cannot imagine the loss for those families…I pray for the one that survived as “survivor’s guilt”can be worse than death. Still, it takes a special kind of person to risk you life for another. Police, fire and a treasure trove of first responders are what makes us safe on the home front. Our military makes us feel safe on a global scale.

This July 4th, let us pray for our soldiers both past and present for the service they give but let us pray for the safety and strength of our first responders. They are the heroes we never fully appreciate or thank for what they do for us all….untill it is too late.

Let us pray for the families of these 19 men we lost  this week…and let us pray for rain to soak the fires…and calmer weather ahead…





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