Posted by: suek2001 | May 14, 2013

Keep your eyes forward!

The title of my blog is the slogan for a local “Don’t Text and Drive” campaign but it could easily apply to what happened to me today…..

I rarely write about my job in my blog because my view of my job is just that…a way to earn a paycheck….and my life after 3:15pm is eactly that…my life….

Still, an incident today sent my mind off on a tangent and I figured my blog is the best way to work it out of my system.

I work in the glamorous, exciting world of hospital dietary. The uniform is a large, white chef’s coat and hairnet that shaves a few valuable inches off my height.

It is NOT an attractive look…yet, I wear it every day and manage to greet paitents and serve them our food…

I was delivering the trays to paitents when I had a moment that made me cringe. I was waiting for an elevator when a gentleman approached me…He appeared to walk by me and I noticed from his blue vest, he was a volunteer at the hospital.

I noticed he was staring at me…and I noticed his eyes were moving up and down my form..’till they focused on a particular part of my anatomy…the front part that exists just below my long neck…and his eyes lingered there for about 30 seconds or more….then, he realized he was staring, let out an “Oh!” and then took off down the hallway.

I was amused at first…and almost flattered but then I realized the man needed to be schooled on the proper appreciation for a woman’s physical beauty.

I will say this before I go any further, I don’t think of myself as fantastically beautiful. I think of myself as attractive in personality but merely average in appearance.

Now, I am not putting myself down..believe me, I’ve spent a good part of my teen years believing myself to be repulsive looking…and to go from that mindsent to reasonably average is a HUGE step up for me.

In my 20’s, I never gave much thought to how I looked…I just dressed the way I wanted to to be comfortable…I had a great body at the time..reasonably thin..built like a perky dream and yet, I covered it up with big t-shirts and large pants…sigh…I had little to no reason to think of attracting the opposite sex. I had no vision of being attractive..I was just there….and my best quality was my personality and I focused on bringing that out more.

I never wear makeup…and my theory was it was a man made way of making myself more attractive..and why mess with what God gave me? Truth be told, it took too much effort to dress up and too much effort to put make up and and dress well…and the curse of laziness directed this area of my life.

So, now I’m in my 40’s and am a bit heavier but I still have some decent features…my killer eyes and eyebrows…and my frontal area isn’t too bad… I have been told I have great thighs although I have no clue why…I do dress up every now and then but I rarely do it to get attention…I go through phases with that..A few years ago, I wanted guys to notice me and flaunted my physical attributes really well…and I was pleased to have been noticed..

So, why did it bother me today? I think there’s a difference between being appreciated and being leered at…and smart men know the difference…

I also think women are complex in this area and we force guys to tread lightly. We want to be viewed as attractive but not as objects. We want to be viewed as sexy but NOT stared at..and there is MORE to us than our chest area….and if the guy had noticed, I still have killer eyebrows…and a great personality to boot…and when I use it in the right way, a voice that can make men weak in the knees…

I have some powerful weapons in my personal arsenal, I just use them wisely. I do hope this guy learns the lesson of what women truly want or else he will lead a lonely life.








  1. Ooh—raH Suzy! Your absolutely correct …

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