Posted by: suek2001 | May 13, 2013

A day of change in Minnesota…

Minnesota is on the verge of being the 12th state to legalize gay marriage. Interesting. We’ve had a strong gay population in our state for years…We also have been leaning right for the last decade or so…

So, this is the new normal….and I know people want me to say whether I support it or not…I really can’t offer that as the issue doesn’t involve me that much. I am heterosexual and single and have no personal friends within the state that will be able to marry under this new law. I know people in other states that want to and can’t due to the back and forth of the voters and their legislators.

So, this will become law here…..I know some of my fellow Evangelicals are not that supportive of this change…and I can understand that..The Biblical definition of marriage is “one man-one woman ’till death due us part”….I support that but I doubt I will ever live that so to be against a change in the definition of an institution that doesn’t personally impact me makes little sense. 

For those that believe in the Biblical definition of marriage, I must say this….With the divorce rate on par with those “in the world”, I don’t think we are living up to those standards. I also think that the LGBT has won this argument on two levels…by reframing the language to not be about gay rights but be about “marriage equality”..Americans(and Minnesotans especially) love to think of themselves as supporters of equality and boosters of love…So with those words entered into the debate, the LGBT movement really couldn’t lose.

The other reason, they won this argument was lessening the importance of the Scriptures that endorse the “one man-one woman” concept. Granted, there are those in the LGBT community, that view themselves as strong Christians and honor the word of God, but for the most part, the idea of marraige has been made into a secular, “live and let live” institution.

For my fellow Evangelicals who want to challenge my thought that gays DO beleive in the word of God, I throw this out there..If Christians of ALL stripes lived out the tenets of faith that we are SUPPOSED to believe in, there would be less death and destruction of people and God’s creation. We would not rely on politicians to save us or help the less fortunate but we would be more concerned with our world than with our own lives.

So, the big question is this…Where do we go from here?  Come August, the definition of marriage will change and the state will change with it. How will those on the “traditional side” react?

While I know that some will never accept this new law and expect God to swallow us whole(wasn’t that supposed to happen when Ventura was elected?), I think it is time for some dialogue to be opened. The ones who support this law should not see those who oppose it as hate-filled bigots intent on destroying their love….and those who oppose this law, should see the LGBT community as an entity that contributes to society on all levels. We may never see eye to eye..and I hope that we accept the differences within this new landscape.

One final thought, I must say I am proud of our state for having a civil discourse on this subject..and allowing voters to have their say on this issue more than once…I love that this new law addresses concerns of those who oppose gay marriage on religious grounds and continues the religious freedom for those who do not wish to recognize any same-sex marriage.

No matter what anyone thinks of this new law, it does NOT change one undeniable fact..We are all Minnesotans…We’ll still cheer for Minnesota teams when they win…curse the endless road construction when it starts..and help our neighbors shovel their driveway eight months a year…..that is truly who we matter who we love…who we pray to…or who we vote for…

Now, anyone know of any great hot dish recipes?



  1. One of the things I love best about you Susie, is that even when you have a completely different opinion than I do we can still talk about it. If politics (and life for that matter) had more listening/discussion and less beating opinions down others throats, the world would be a better place.

  2. I’m with you on most of this Sue. My wife and I live by the motto of “God doesn’t make mistakes,” and that includes people that are gay.

    Even as a heterosexual married person, I feel very odd when I say that this whole issue mostly doesn’t affect me, as far as I can figure. My marriage is a “sacrament” and I’m sure even that offends some. But, what’s being won now in Minnesota is not marriage as I define it. I wish they wouldn’t call it such – but that’s as far as I go. People WILL cohabitate! End of story.

    It’s a lousy analogy, but, give the baby the rattle and everybody gets sleep.

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