Posted by: suek2001 | April 14, 2013

The magic of flights of fancy….The Circus…

The circus is in town…and I know as a single adult, it means nothing to me….It has elements of animal cruelty and weirdness in the clown make-up..and it reminds me of a tragic folk song the Kingston Trio once covered.

Still, I think children are blessed to see the magic of things like the circus…

I recall one sunny afternoon after school, Mom picked me up and told me we were going somewhere….So we drove to North Fort Myers in her beat up ’69 Chevy Nova and wound up in a place that could be described as “where God left his overshoes”…Lee County Civic Center…I’m sure the area now is not as backwoods as it felt in the early 1980’s but it felt that way to me….The Circus was in town…..

Still, the thrill of seeing the circus was something that took me a bit to warm up to…I had spent summers in the Twin Cities and Como Zoo was a great introduction to all kinds of animals…Clowns always seemed weird to me…so in those areas, the circus held no interest to me….the one thing that captured my imagination was  the trapeze and the acrobats…

I am a klutz..I have no sense of grace or style when it comes to movement..I envy those who do..At the time, I saw the trapeze artists, I had a strong desire to fly….there is a spiritual freedom in flight…I could fly away from the poverty…the bullies and all the other ills of the world…I really wish I could have been one of those acrobats….

To me, that was the gift my mother gave to me all those years ago….the gift of imagination and desire to strive for a world outside the world I knew…..those trapeze artists and those high-wire acts still amaze me…..they get close to God..and don’t need an airplane to do it…

As some friends take their children to the circus, I hope they experience the magic, it can bring..before the harsh drama and reality of the real life of the circus does bring…

We all need to be kids again…even if it’s just for a few hours…



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