Posted by: suek2001 | February 14, 2013

This is just a Thursday to me…

The steady diet of sweets and the color red tells me, it’s Valentine’s day….and I feel nothing…

As a single person, I used to feel annoyed and almost queasy whenever this time of year would come around… 

Well, I’m still a single person and this year, I feel nothing..No real pondering my future, past or compatibility rate…

I’m not sure why I don’t feel anything…Maybe my personal satisfaction level is pretty high right now…I have a decent paycheck..great friends..great church and my Mom to talk to every day..I have a music and movie collection that keeps me entertained..and I’m in decent health…


I am not saying I need a man….Truth be told, we all need someone…As a human race, we need to care about someone and to be cared for…It’s the only way the heart can grow and mature…Still, the way we care and share doesn’t have to be the EROS definition of love.


So, today, I work and if I am lucky, hang out with a friend and watch our favorite TV show…that’s good enough for me….

I am thankful for those that choose to celebrate this day..fake or not, with all the darkness in this world, we could use some expressions of love..and in the Midwest, we could use another color besides white and grey…

So, Happy Valentines Day for those with lovers..and for those of us without, May your Thursday be a good one!



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