Posted by: suek2001 | December 31, 2012

The Music is you……why John Denver matters!

Today marks John Denver’s 69th birthday…and I rejoice in that…John’s career managed to span four decades and touch millions of people….and one of them was me…

In his honor, I shall share how his music came to mean something to me…


I was born in 1971 and had some birth defects…I was difficult to raise  from that perspective..going to doctors and such..and my Mom was told that she should give me up as I was too difficult to raise….I had lazy eye syndrome…a clef palate that left me with a really high roof in my mouth….and I had hearing issues….

By the time I was five, I had surgery on my eyes and ears…went to a school for mentally disabled children( a time I barely recall but with lots of fondness, when you’re weird and there’s weirdness around you, you don’t feel so alone..)

I still was trying to find my place in the world…I was in the midst of intense speech therapy and learning to speak but I still wasn’t getting anywhere….

One day, I took a drive with my Aunt….out to the barn to see her horse…..Her horse was kept in the sprawling farmlands of Shakopee, MN…in the 70’s, that was a horse town if there ever was one….

She put in her eight track tape of “Windsong” by John Denver…and we listened…that album changed then, my ears could appreciate sounds and I loved the soothful nature of John’s voice and melodies….but the thing I loved most was all the “ooohs…and “aaaaahs”….I wasn’t really able to form a lot of sentences and couldn’t sing lyrics but I could do those ooohs and aaahs…and John had a magic way of humming that just sucked me right into wherever he was….and hearing that as we weaved our ways through the valleys to the barn had it’s own magic.

That was my introduction to music and to the joy and healing it would have….John Denver’s music became an integral part of my growing up..It was my comfort and my joy…and yeah, for a time my salvation…

By 1982, I had surgery to install a false roof in my mouth and was able to talk without a speech bulb or any additional surgery…..and I still loved the music….

Those early years of my childhood were important ones….John’s music helped me see the beauty of the world…and appreciate the love of friends and family…..As I got older, my faith in God became a more steady rock to lean on but John’s music still mattered….and it still does today….

I”m fond of saying that I have been given many gifts in life..My mother gave me the gift of life and herself..My Aunt gave me the music of John Denver…John Denver gave me my love of music..and God gave me a purpose for living….

So, today, on John’s birthday, I celebrate….and I’m sure a lot of other people do too.



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