Posted by: suek2001 | October 25, 2012

..and when another day is through, I’ll still be friends with you….

This week is an important week for me in the world of friendship…I lost my best friend 17 years ago this week…..and it still haunts me and I finally figured out why..Dennis Mertz was my first, true friend..Now, I know some will read this and wonder if their friendship with me before 1994 meant anything to me…and I say that yes, it did but my friendship with Dennis was not a circumstantial one…driven by what class I had in school..where I sat in the break room at work and who I sat next to in Sunday School…

There was a deep trust and the quality of time I spent with him that set the stage for me to believe that I can be a good friend and have good friends..


I think about that as I type this out as two friends celebrate birthdays this week..My friend Jane celebrates her birthday on Saturday…I lost track of how old she is as that is what a great friend does the older you get…

The other birthday I celebrate happens today…my friend Joan Finckler turns 40 today…..Now, I only mention her age as I turned 40 last year…and I’m a bit jealous that she’s so non-plussed about it all..whereas I was freaking out by being older….still, as I told her last night, there’s something to being married to a great guy and with great kids that makes that milestone easier to take.

I’ve known Joan for about five years…and she is an indescribable joy..Her faith in God has had it’s moments…as we all do…and she testifies to His love and goodness whenever she can..Her other testimony is how she treats people…The woman knows how to welcome visitors to our church..She gives great hugs….and those hugs are not just physical expressions of support but have an emotional encouragement all their own…She has a sweet voice that fills the rafters of our services with a raw, pure praise to God….and her worship leading coaxes us out of our shell and into the holy of holies….

To know Joan is to really experience the fellowship and love of Christ….and I thank God, every day that she is my life …


I think back to that time 17 years I faced a life without Dennis Mertz and endless tears and times of betrayal by people I thought were friends…and I recall asking God, “why take someone I cared about and leave me alone to face all this?”..Time has a way of answering the painful questions…

I have been blessed by the prayers of the faithful…the blessings of a loving church and the great friendships of great friends….It hasn’t been easy but I feel really blessed by God that He saw fit to surround me with great people….and I pray I can bless them as much as they bless me…


I close with this thought….I really hope there’s a Joan Finckler in your life….I really hope there’s someone that laughs at your jokes…and cracks a smile whenever you walk into a room…and gives great hugs and offers prayers and praise to God on your behalf…

We need more Joan Fincklers in this life…and I really wish her a Happy, God-blessed birthday….



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