Posted by: suek2001 | October 12, 2012

Take Me To Tomorrow, that’s where I’d like to be-John Denver

Today is sad day for many of my fellow John Denver is the 15th anniversary of his passing…He died in Pacific Grove, California in a small plane crash…

There will be people gathering in his hometown of Aspen..and some gathering at the place he died…

I won’t be at either place but that doesn’t mean I won’t mark the day..I’ve already loaded a lot of clips of songs and rare performances to my Facebook page…

I just think of all that John has missed in the last fifteen years…..His three children are grown..His fans and friends still celebrate him and plaques, statues and parks are dedicated to him…His music lives on in endless 70’s infomercials..endless cover versions of “Country Roads” on You Tube…and with Dave Matthews Band splendid cover of an obscure song called “Take Me To Tomorrow”…


I think one of the best John Denver moments I had this year was sitting with friends at the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp as they did some of John’s songs…and we all sang along….Calypso…Country Roads…and a stunning cover of “Darcy Farrow”…It’s been a long time since I’ve sung John’s songs with other people and it felt really good and I could feel the joy and peace of the music fill me…


I have thought all week on how I want to mark this day…and what profound wisdom I can share about a man who touched me in ways so few really have….

I miss him…I miss his voice…I miss his guitar playing….I miss that smile..that laugh..and the way he just mesmerized anyone who ever saw him live….I really miss him…and in a world of market driven pop stars and autotune…I miss the purity of John Denver….


I feel blessed that from 1976(when I first heard “Cowboy’s Delight”) to 1997, (when I heard his wonderfully, joyful cover of “The Little Engine That Could”)…that I got to experience the “FAR OUT” experience of John Denver’s life and music..and feel sorry for those that neither lived nor truly appreciated who he was ’till he was gone….


..and I end my blog with some rare clips of John:

Bells of Rhymney:

Boy From the Country—last performance before tour break in TX, 1997

Country Roads 1973

John Denver and the Muppets:

The Mermaid Song—one of the weirdest clips from an early BBC special:


Dave Matthews Band-Take Me Tomorrow:



His music lives…Now it is up to all of us to make sure no one ever forgets John Denver…My final thought is to pray for John’s friends and family on this day…








  1. Well spoken; deeply well felt; love well shared. Thanks Sue . . .

    Prayer ascending . . . as incense, as you requested



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