Posted by: suek2001 | October 8, 2012

A birthday blog tribute…

As my close friends know (all three of you!), I detest October. It is a month filled with sad anniversaries..from the death of my the death of my best friend in the loss of John Denver..all that weighs heavy on me during this month…

The weather also carries a dark, transitional edge to it..The reality of the end of summer hits and a long winter is hinted at in the air. So, I usually just try to wait out this month and forget it even exists…

Still, there is one bright spot…or should I say ,TWO bright spots…on October 9th, two very talented friends of mine were born…and although their paths would lead them to the same place, they took very different routes to get there….

Rick Dougherty and George Grove celebrate their birthdays…..and for that I am grateful..It gives me a chance to write about two men whose contributions to the Kingston Trio should be noticed and cherished…

Here’s a few You Tube Clips that give you a sense of how awesomely talented these guys are:

..”All Of the Hard Days Are Gone”..

..and a stunning version of “Turn Around”…

I had the pleasure of spending time with George and Rick at the annual Kingston Trio Fantasy camp..and to call these men talented, charming and welcoming would be an understatement.. Both men have clear distinct voices that add layers to the Kingston Trio brand…and both men contribute to the classy, fantastic presentation that is their new Kingston Trio CD…Born At the Right Time….(available now at

I’ve known George a lot longer than Rick and I could go on at length sharing stories of my experiences chatting with these fine gentlemen but writing about them doesn’t do it justice…You should go to a Kingston Trio concert and hear their wonderful gifts as they join Bill Zorn onstage and form a folk brotherhood unlike any other…You should attend the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp next July in Scottsdale and meet them as they share their love of music with the fans and give of themselves to those that love the music as much as they do.

It really has been an honor to meet both George Grove and Rick Dougherty and I hope they have an awesome birthday filled with friends, music and love of life and family…and I hope they are immensely blessed as I and so many others, have been blessed by them…

Happy Birthday Rick and George!!!!!




  1. Howdy Sue – Fine ‘Blog’ this go-round. I understand how October hits you. I have similar months. A thought about October: Traveling around the US & Canada as a musician for beaucous years, October has been the most pleasantly beautiful month of all . . . everywhere.

    Perhaps those thoughts of ‘God’s Handiwork’ might sooth the Pain-Remembers. I’ve found it so . . . as in Philippians 4:8.

    I read your blogs, but don’t always comment. This go-round I figured it was needful . . . for you and for me.

    Blessings, Rex

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