Posted by: suek2001 | September 2, 2012

Finding home all those years ago…

Today, I turn 41…woke up early and am thrilled for the possibility of spending time with people I love. There will be one person missing from my presence though….my Mom..She is alive and well and living in this very moment….Wish she were here with me in Duluth…but her home is there…

Today has always been an interesting day…In addition to being my birthday, it is an anniversary of sorts…On September 2nd, 1979, Mom and I moved from Minneapolis to Fort Myers, FL…..It wasn’t my choice and for years, I wasn’t happy about it….but Mom was tired of the winters and had a restless feeling of wanting to find home….

She grew up in Minneapolis but never connected with the city…Oh, don’t get me wrong..there were things and people that she met that she loved but nothing spoke to her about being home…until that day in 1979….

She’s now lived in Southwest Florida for 33 years…and loves it….unless it gets too hot and sticky(which thanks to Global Warming happens frequently now)…

Her life has not been easy and has been filled with challenges but I can honestly say that both our lives are better for her making the move….as it led us to be closer and also to God….and for that I will always be grateful….and in all honesty, I cannot think of who or what we would be to each other or as individuals if we hadn’t made the move.

Mom’s journey to find home is also a lesson for me that I don’t have to live within the confines of someone else’s life..I should seek my own path and find what calls to me….and I did…..My home is Duluth..Hers is Fort Myers…and I am so glad she supports me in everything I do…

So, as I celebrate my birthday, I celebrate her “coming home” anniversary…today…



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