Posted by: suek2001 | August 29, 2012

..round the bay of Mexico….

As I write this, Hurricane Isaac is pounding Louisiana and Mississippi. The storm is Category 1 storm so it’s supposed to be weak but it’s anything but…

The storm has stalled over land…and that is always a bad sign…I have lived through a few tropical storms and nearby hurricanes in my day…I lived in Florida from 1979-1994…and there was always some rainmaker on it’s way…Hurricane Andrew was a shock to the system on the East Coast of Florida…I live in Fort Myers at the time, and while we had some rain and wind, we had nothing like what Homestead faced….

I will also say there is nothing more sad than the feeling of helplessness I felt knowing that so many were suffering 200 miles away that day….and yes, there was relief in the fact it wasn’t hitting Fort Myers and even a weird joy over the media coverage but the overwhelming sadness that Andrew was destroying lives about three hours away was really unsettling….

I look out at another beautiful “cooler by the Lake” day here in Duluth, Minnesota and feel so much pain for those experiencing Isaac..Our flooding happened over a day or so, their flooding could last through Friday…..

While the levees are holding for the most part, trees are falling due to soaked soil…and roads are flooding and rescues have commenced as I type this…The saddest was hearing a young girl tell a reporter “I don’t want to die tonight. I want to go when the Lord wants me to go”..No child should fear death at such a young age..and I;m sure the fear stems from feeling little to no control over the storm…

I’m hoping that we as a nation do a better job of unifying for the betterment of the Gulf Coast after Isaac has left the area….Katrina showed a political and class divide that really was ugly…..For the people of the Gulf Coast, they deserve better…and they deserve our prayers…

I know the GOP convention is going on right now…and both the right and left love to take their shots at each other but can we suspend the angry rhetoric for a few days and focus our thoughts and prayers on the Gulf Coast?

It really is the least we can do…




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