Posted by: suek2001 | August 21, 2012

“The heat was hot…..the ground was dry but the air was full of sound”

While, I was in Arizona, the heat was oppressive..and I kept hearing this from locals and others who have visited there for years around this time. I lived in Florida for 15 years and rarely did the heat take my breath away…..This time, the desert heat did…and there was a humid touch to it…and the cottonmouth that came with it really annoyed me….as the thirst for water was evident….

I could have handled the water if it was Lake Superior water but the tap water there has a weird aftertaste…..and so bottled water became the beverage of choice for me and for a lot of people….

One of the other things the heat did was force me to wear a large straw hat….The last time I wore a hat that big, I was about ten years old and trying to look like a cowgirl…and I was pretty cute in that hat…I have proof in the pictures my Aunt took on our family vacation to the Badlands…

This hat was a bargain price for $6 at a local Walgreen’s…..and it was awesome..Never left my hotel suite without it…or my new sunglasses…Now, whenever I travel, I have to buy new sunglasses…it’s not a compulsion but merely a reaction to losing them every time I go anywhere…It wouldn’t be a Suzy-q adventure if I didn’t have to buy new sunglasses….and I view these as a souvenir of sorts…

Another thing I had to get used to was sunscreen..Now, I know a lot of people slather it on during the summer months..and I should be no exception…I live in Duluth, MN where we do have sun but as many people know, it’s really not that powerful, unless you bake yourself at a nearby beach all day…or volunteer at a youth car wash for twelve hours…and then you put some on your arms..I had to actually tell myself every time I left my room to put sunscreen on….I’m sure people who live in warm, sunny climes don’t have to do that but being mostly Minnesota white, that’s a paradigm shift in attitude…

The thing I regret about the heat was that it made it too hot to go near the really neat outdoor swimming pools….I heard the water was tepid in temperature and I’ve been in the Gulf of Mexico when it’s been warm and that’s really no way to relax to me…

As for the weather, I am glad that it’s finally cooled off out there..and there’s a weird pride in telling myself that I have endured 113 degree temps…

For what it’s worth, Duluth’s weather cooled off considerably when I came home…For the first few days, the highs were in the 60’s..and now the weather geeks are saying we will have a warm week with high’s in the upper 70’s…When I heard that, I laughed for I have experienced Arizona in summer…and not only that, a RECORD heat in Arizona..and nothing can phase me…

My prayer now is that when I am standing at a bus stop in the middle of January as a 40 degree windchill blows my chunky body around, I recall walking across the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in the afternoon sun….and smile…:-)





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