Posted by: suek2001 | August 21, 2012

The calling of the desert….

I firmly believe that we all have a calling on our lives….whether it be God-driven or family-driven or even heart-driven…there is something that calls us to do what we do, be what we are and live where we live….

I have for years believed my soul belongs in Duluth, Minnesota…and as with any great love, there have been doubts but in looking deep within my heart, I really believe I belong here…..

Two weeks ago tomorrow, I landed in the AZ desert in Phoenix….on my way to gathering of friends to celebrate music we all loved….I have never been to the desert. I have been to Colorado, Montana and Wyoming…been to the Badlands of South Dakota and the “thrilling” landscape of North Dakota.. yet, I have never seen the desert…

When God created Minnesota, He knew we’d love pine trees…and lakes….and enough pike to keep us all well fed….To go from that landscape to a blistering red ground..with a ghostly haze was really quite jarring…

I found the appearance of the mountains on the horizon somewhat mythical..and then realized that I am in a land that lots of Native Americans have called home over the past centuries…and with that haze and barrenness comes a prayerful heart to the Great Spirit for provision and guidance…

The desert seems like a place that you would have to lay yourself bare before God, the elements and each other….the mountains can hide in a haze but the cactus stand tall and alert those that come near with their needles that they are not to be disturbed….The ground looks exposed and thirsty with only some small green bushes sticking out…

The rock formations are what struck me the most….I saw a few sticking out around the metro area and it seemed like some relic from ages an ancient statue created by wind, time and age crying out to the creator for either release from it’s stone prison or praise for it’s intimidating presence over mankind….

While, I was there, the area experienced a dust storm..while I got caught up in the touristy thing of seeing a dust storm for the first time,I lost sight of the great power of one……

When a dust storm comes, it colors out the sun…and makes it almost seem like rain but instead of a refreshing rain, there is a layer of haze and sand in the air…and it’s another reminder of how little we really control the weather….and the earth can cover us all if it wants too..

All in all, I found the desert experience very interesting but nothing that my soul cries out for…For I was touched more by the beauty of the people I met and the music I embraced than the landscape…and when the plane descended into Duluth last week, I felt my spirit finding it’s place…home…






  1. You get it my dear! The desert wraps itself around your heart and pours into it a lake full of love …. indeed a longing for more. You’ve only tasted a tip …. it’s saltiness requires wistful returns because nectar is there as well and beauty beyond compare.

  2. Sue,
    I simply love and enjoy your writing. Jody and I want to get to know you better.

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