Posted by: suek2001 | August 18, 2012

The Music is You……

I have been so clever with titles lately but this one just seemed to fit…


It’s been a few days since I have been home from my great Fantasy Camp adventure…and I still don’t think I’ve slept enough but I think I am ready to write more about the trip…

I love music…I feel music…I live for music….It started when I was a young girl and Mom would sing me to sleep….I had some birth defects and issues that seperated me from other kids for a few years but music was always this force…this connection to a whole new world of possiblity….John Denver music was like that for me at age 5…and as years would go by, other artists would open the door..

I was never gifted with the ability to play guitar, drums or piano..I had the random gift of playing cello for a few years but playing an instrument was never my forte..I don’t think of myself as a decent singer…I can carry a tune for a good five notes and then it is lost to the heavens for only good singers to recapture..Yet, I still love music…


My Fantasy Camp weekend was filled with music galore..from jam sessions…to discussing the musical relevance of the current Kingston meeting musical luminaries like Dave Batti, John Stewart’s bass player…Gaylan Taylor of the Limelighters….and Bob Hefferan, the legendary bass player on “John Denver Sings” and a longtime friend of John Denver’s….

Let’s not forget the giving spirits of the current Kingston Trio, Bob Shane, George Grove, Rick Dougherty and Bill Zorn…They shared a bit of their time with me and their gift of music with us all..whether it be on stage or in the jam sessions, they shared the music…

The Campers…..they need their own salute as they are the ones to pay big bucks so they can live out their dreams and bring the music to us…and the musicianship of these lawyers, teachers, judges, nuclear engineers and so on, really is top notch..Keep in mind they all had great success in their respective careers but when they stepped out onstage, the music flowed from them…Some appeared a bit nervous but once the members of the Trio joined in, it was like they were home..or they appeared at home…


On Stage, I heard great classics like “South Coast”..They Call The Wind Mariah”….”Stay Awhile”…”Born At the Right Time”..”Forever and a Day”…”Tell Old Bill”..”Poverty Hill”…songs that were new.songs that were old..songs rarely played…and many more….

This really was a weekend for the fans…long time..and sometimes long suffering fans of a folk group that changed the music scene for the better…and will never get their full credit for doing so….

Aside from KT music, John Stewart music filled the air..on stage and in the suites…and in the tales that were told amoung friends…

At various times I heard “Josie”…”Oldest Living Son”…”California Bloodlines”..”Cooler Water, Higher Ground” and “Jasmine”….all reminders of what a truly underrated musical gift John Stewart was…..

Another surprise was the John Denver music I heard in the jam sessions….I heard Calypso, Rocky Mountain High..Matthew..Poems,Prayers and Promises, Sixty Second Song for a bank, Tools and a killer version of Darcy Farrow..yeah, that one wasn’t written by John but the song really is his as other versions aren’t as well known…

The last night I was there, we went over to a friend’s suite..and it was special..a few friends..sharing music, laughter and bottled water by the case….I will treasure that I heard the music waft through the huge suite…I have done my best to share what I have felt and experienced there but I know it doesn’t come close…as Fantasy Camp is in soul and my heart now…and to capture the music, the joy and the new friends in words typed on a laptop screen cannot do it justice…

For those who were not there, just grab some friends… some of your favorite music and let the great times flow..It may not be exactly the same but as John Stewart wonderfully wrote “Sing a Song and you’re not alone”.




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