Posted by: suek2001 | August 12, 2012

The time went by so quickly I didn’t see it go….

It’s Sunday afternoon as I write this….Haven’t blogged since early yesterday..and the events of Saturday are fast becoming a I must share some stuff..

Yesterday, was filled with more music here at the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp….Fred Grittner put on a show of friends and fans sharing in the music of John Stewart and the Kingston Trio…the highlights from that include a moving rendition of “Where The River Meets the Sea”…featuring Triofan John and Fred paying homage to John Stewart….and then a great rendition of Darcy Farrow with Fred on mandolin..which just was perfect…a great acoustic version of Queen of Hollywood High…and then there was the finale of Mike Marvin, Triofan and Josh Reynolds doing killer versions of “Hobo’s Lullaby” and “One More Town”….There were many great performances in between and I hope someone kept a set list as I can’t recall every one of them….

After that, it was a quick trip to my room to change for dinner and the show…and apparently, the show was just beginning….as I headed to the main building, the winds were picking up but everything was still warm and blisteringly sunny….

A few minutes after I sat down to eat…someone said there was a storm I went to look and sure enough there was a greyish red to the sky as the palms whipped around…

A Haboob…according to the locals a new kind of dust storm…usually when they get these, it’s followed by rain..and then it clears out..this storm cleared out but also left a sandy haze behind…and I actually stood out in it for a few minutes…as that is such the touristy thing to do….I didn’t inhale sand or anything but it was a weird sight to behold…


On to the concert..the finale….Again, the concert was a lot like the first two with obscure and regular Trio songs filling the air..and yet, the thrill for me has been so many Campers choosing the songs from the new Kingston Trio album “Born At the Right Time”…Great album and as more people play those songs, the easier it become to have those songs mesh with the rest of the Kingston Trio legacy….

Since this was the grand finale, awards were presented and prizes were given out..and it was also a Camper’s birthday so we all sang to him….and then I realized that we all felt like family for awhile in that room…and after the show, we all headed into a nicely catered wrap party in the hotel bar next door…

Then, the fun really got into high gear as I shared moments with two of the members of the Kingston Trio…funny and sweet these men are…and then listened as fellow campers wailed on Trio songs..and even through a version of Country Roads in there which delighted me to no end…Sat and talked with some new people and also some old friends…and then we closed the place down….

The party then head over to the suites where music and fellowship continued ’till after dawn…..and again, things that happened in the suites are better left there as a mere report won’t do…I will say that again Rick Dougherty was a lot of fun and of giving spirit…and so were the other musicians…some had to leave early in the morning so then goodbyes began….

One more hello to a legend for John Denver die-hards…I actually en Bob Hefferan…he was played with John Denver on his first full LP..the extremely rare “John Denver Sings”..Great guy..we chatted and traded stories a bit….

Then the jamming and talking continued ’till 6am…as I finally wandered to my room and then proceeded to waste the day sleeping and vegging out…

In mere moments, more music shall commence with the John Stewart band concert tonight and some last songs and goodbyes…..


I shall end on a hopeful note, I just found out today that there will be another Fantasy Camp next year…and the savings account for this will open up when I get back …




  1. SuzyQ … you have to plan to come on Sunday next year for the whole week experience …. it’s truly a happening!!! I was not able to be there this year for medical reasons but God willing I’ll be there next year for certain ….

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