Posted by: suek2001 | August 11, 2012

The things you should never say…

There are stories and sights that have every right to go into my blog. They can illuminate the joy and beauty and absolute of Fantasy Camp…

Then there are stories that words fail to describe how truly awesome it is…Blogs..reports and rundowns are nice but I will say this, they cannot convey the experience of sitting in a room full of people captivated by a wide ranging discussion with Rick Daugherty..the contents of that talk shall remain with those who were words really can’t do it justice….

All I kept thinking was, the current Kingston Trio is absolutely lucky to have this man into their fold..With wit, charm and an Irish tenor voice that can pierce and raise any melody of any song to some etheral level, Rick really brings the current configuration into a class all their own.

Friday was an interesting day…Thursday had more energy and the Camp was thrilling and new and we all gave it what we could….and with all that energy spent coupled with the heat, Friday seemed to be a more mellow day…at least to me…..I didn’t really do a whole lot yesterday….as I had little to no voice and little to no sleep…

Still the daytime had it’s highlights….the tops of being a special dinner for all of us John Stewart fans….

As an aside, with Fantasy Camp, you spend a lot of time listening to acoustic music whether it be the Kingston Trio, John Stewart, Jim Croce or any of the songwriters personal compositions….So, after awhile you exist in a world where acoustic music is the hottest thing going….

As we all went out to dinner at this place, the bar was piping in music and I heard “Freedom” by Wham! and as much as I love music of all kinds, that felt like an attack on my good taste and a reminder that the bubble isn’t as wide as I thought…The song was jarring to me..and I couldn’t wait to return to the folkie bubble, I had embraced…


One of my personal observations was I really LOVE these concerts for so many reasons….I realized over the years that the set of a Kingston Trio set is aimed at the casual fan with a few nods to us die-hards….

The last couple of shows showcased so many obscure songs by Campers and the Kingston Trio that I felt it really was a dream sequence….Never in my years did I dream I would hear a show open with “You’re the Hangnail in My Life”…..and then just get better from there…

Hearing the various members of the Trio give it their all on close to twenty songs a night..most way outside of their standard set, was just unbelievable…and a huge debt of gratitude has to go the Campers that brought a lot of songs out of a late night jam session and into a concert hall…

Someone asked me to name all the songs I heard this weekend. There’s no way I can but hearing fantastic versions of Haul Away…Poverty Hill and a great version of “They Call the Wind Mariah” which had the bonus of Josh Reynolds (Nick Reynold’s son) on congas…made me realize this concert really is for the fans….

There’s more to write…but right now, my soul cries for more sleep and I’m tired of yawning so much during the I find that a tad rude…

So, more observations to come..and for those who are reading these blogs, my awesome as they can be..can’t convey the atmosphere here…

It really is a blessing for the senses..




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