Posted by: suek2001 | August 10, 2012

You just walk right in….

It’s 3am Scottsdale (NOT Phoenix!) time as I write this….and that means it’s 5am Duluth, MN time…and I just got back to my room..I have the TV off..and the music on my computer turned off…I just want the echoes of what I’ve heard in the past few hours to remain..

In the past eight hours, I have sung and listened to a dozen different Kingston Trio songs…unintentionally flirted with George Grove in front of hundreds of people..and spent the most money on goodies for a concert, I have spent in a long time…but it was worth it..

Several aspects of this day will remain with me for ages….not the least of which was the George Grove incident that turned into unintentional comedy for all to see…

As so many of you know, George Grove is one of my favorite people…not just musicians..but real people…and just to experience his grace, joy and love for the music and the fans is something that can’t be put into words…

It all started with one line George said in the concert…”oh man, I hate being short” something like that…..I was sitting three rows from the stage and something made me blurt out “we still love you George”…and he smiled and said “Thank you Brooksy”…thinking it was a friend of his calling out to him… and she replied “Wasn’t me George”…and the look he gave the audience of mock horror and confusion sent the crowd into hysterics…..and as we soon realized..we left him speechless….

I realize typing out an off the cuff moment can never fulfilll the actual witnessing of the event but I just had to get that down…

I could write about the concert and I will at some point, but there are two more to go..


Suffice it to say that the music of the Kingston Trio was well served…and the joy of hearing the fans give their all to performances…and then to hear Bob Shane, the founding member, do a stunning version of “Lion In Winter” and have that lead into the current Trio’s mini-set that began with a roaring version of “You’re Gonna Miss Me”…the love of the Kingston Trio was evident tonight…

As I often say, there are some private moments which will remain off public forums for they are mine to savor and recall at will…

..and this blog is meandering a bit but the joy I feel at what I am experiencing cannot be contained in mere words…

Still, this was a great night….and it was only night one…and the deeper question I have is, will my voice survive the weekend?



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