Posted by: suek2001 | August 10, 2012

Check your shame at the door….

Okay…this is going to get out sooner or later… I might as well tell you..and wrap it up with a deeper thought…

One of the gifts of Fantasy Camp with the Kingston Trio is sharing the music even if you are not a camper….and a great way to do that is to stop by the jam sessions…

I will admit I love a lot of their music and truth be told musicians are ones that know their own groove and what works..they will stick to what they truly know…and if they feel brave try stuff they haven’t done…I love to request off the wall tunes…Coo Coo U, Interchangeable Love…Goo Ga Gee…all these are underrated classics in the Kingston Trio song book…..and these are songs you’ll never hear the Kingston Trio do themselves…

Well, after my repeated requests for Coo Coo U have been lovingly turned down….I thought I would throw one out there that was a great song and had special meaning for me…and no one had done it yet…You Don’t Knock…

The guys jamming in the room tried their best with it..and played in a key that was out of in Dave Guard’s spirit, I just screeched it…

The song has become a favorite of mine because I opened my college radio show with it..played it on a few Kingston Trio radio shows…and the lyrics are the most Pentecostal sounding of all the Trio gospel songs..

As I was singing it, something came over me..I nailed some serious air guitar…did a bit of dancing…or the white girl shuffle as I call it..and even did the head banging move…all while screeching this tune in front of a plethora of guitars and banjos and fans…

For a moment, I forgot where I was..I felt like I was in my bedroom..listening to the music…and letting go….and the gift of this camp is that in a room of of fans, you can let go….you can check your ego and your sanity at the door…and be welcomed by all….and we ALL can be the kids dancing in front of the mirror or holding that banjo we have dreamed of playing….and belting out that song that makes our hearts rejoice…


We are all those kids touched by the music…,then and now…..and if a video shows up on You Tube and goes viral, I know I will be okay with it as my joy in the music is what makes me who I am.




  1. Obscure KT songs: I bet you didn’t ask them to do “Carol, You’re the bottom of the barrel.”

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