Posted by: suek2001 | August 9, 2012

When you rise, you listen to the songs again…

I am writing this from Scottsdale, AZ…and it is day two of my experience with something called Fantasy Camp. This is a fun place …The resort is first class…and the surrounding desert adds  the atmosphere of something holy and profound for me.

For the next several days, I will gather with friends I have never met..and musicians I deeply admire and share in the love of one of the things that brings me joy…Music…

I praise God every day for the gift of music….and the meaning in life it has brought me.

I ache for those who never let music touch them or move them.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Kingston Trio or Justin Bieber, as long as the music feeds your soul, it has done it’s purpose..

(Ok, I lied, it does matter if it’s Justin Bieber…because I can’t imagine in 30 years people gathering to play “Boyfriend” and “Baby, Baby” for five days straight..but I digress)

Anyway, one of the gifts that I am ready to receive this weekend is memories…


Memories are powerful and with music they make a lasting impression…and with the Kingston Trio, my memories have been entwined with my late aunt Betsy Scott….

Oh, she loved the Kingston Trio…and I introduced her to John Stewart…..and now those two musical forces are linked to her….and with each lyric I sing…or banjo note I play on the greatest air banjo model ever made(never needs tuning and plays flawlessly) I see her..and hear her….and while it is great to have those memories, I have no one near me to share that love of the music….and so the enjoyment level is mixed with sadness that she really is gone…

Last night, I listened to Kingston Trio songs being played with such passion, grace and joy, it felt like home…as the jam session laid into “Stay Awhile”, I smiled as I wanted that for her memory and I felt her there…

So for all that, when this camp is over, I will have the memories of people enjoying the music as much as I do..and maybe, I can play it on my own and enjoy her spirit fused with those that are still on this earthly realm singing at the top of their lungs…

I will write more from this weekend….but for now, I must go as the music calls to me.




  1. … and at the end of the weekend you don’t want it to stop ….
    Tears will flow, plans will be made, an empty place in your heart will be there …. waiting …. is it next year yet you’ll scream!!
    It’s an awakening … and each year is better than before. The memories just get better …

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