Posted by: suek2001 | August 1, 2012

Of Life, death,chicken and bridges……

In some circles, today is a special day. Today is a day where people take a stand with their wallets and stomachs and either boycott/support a certain place because the CEO came out against Gay Marriage.

While, I understand that Mike Huckabee and others on the Right chose a day to do that, I am a bit disappointed that it is today….August 1st….

It shows how little the nation remembers what happened five years ago today…and in a sense we are a nation of short attention spans and a strange way of choosing our battles…

Five years ago this evening, I was coming home from somewhere I cannot recall….called my Mom and was channel surfing..FOX News happened to be on…I have a thing for Shepard Smith..what can I say?

Anyway, as I  was talking to Mom about the gossip of the day, I noticed the headline  “Bridge collapses in Minneapolis”..I read that too her as we both were from Minneapolis. To me, it looked like a two lane bridge…I could not conceive it was the interstate bridge..

Yet, it was….

Here’s a link to the FOX NEWS coverage of the immediate aftermath:

I watched this the other night and still felt the pain five years later…I was in Duluth at the time but there is a part of me that will always call that area home…

The bridge was the gateway to NE MN for a lot of people….and the easiest way to get to Duluth….It is still the closest freeway to Minneapolis and the almost defunct Metrodome…

Thirteen people perished on that day….a school bus full of children was rescued and saved….a semi truck exploded..and several cars wound up in the river…scores were injured…and an entire freeway system was altered for at least a year…

I knew people that travelled that bridge every day…and I knew people that worked on the 35W freeway. Thankfully, I contacted family and friends and all were safe but not every one was sound…

I visited a month later and while talking with friends and relatives, they all still seemed to be in shock and whenever we went over any bridges, there was nervousness..and I’m sure things were like that for years to come.

I did see the remnants of the bridge collapse and it still haunts my memory. It is amazingly sad to see something that crossed the Mighty Mississippi be twisted to a point where it looked like the bridge went straight to the heavens…

So, today, I mourn for those that lost their lives…I mourn for those who lives changed forever that day…and I mourn for the fact that again infrastructure has taken a backseat in state and federal budgets…..and so many of us forgot to plead with our representatives to find money to fix these bridges we all use…..

…..until the next time…and I pray we never see that again…


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