Posted by: suek2001 | July 29, 2012

A birthday to remember….

On July 30th, 1952, Dennis Charles Mertz was born…I celebrate that day..

It’s hard to believe ,he would be 60 years old this week. I can still see him as a still young 43 years old.

For those not  familiar with his impact on my life, read elsewhere in this blog but I will say that I never forgot him.

The one birthday of his we did celebrate together was a memorable one. It involved a nice church service and a baseball game. Part of that game still lives me as I recall seeing Kirby Puckett round the bases for scoring a double. To this day, it’s the only  time I have ever seen the Minnesota Twins play in person.

I miss Dennis and I am so glad I had that year with him. His love, friendship, humor and good grace still are a part of me.

So, I raise a glass and sing in his honor today. His 60th birthday is being celebrated in the presence of God and in my heart as well..

Happy Birthday!


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