Posted by: suek2001 | July 24, 2012


The title of this is from Mustang Sally but it could very well be for Sally Ride…..a true pioneer for so many….and now she is gone….

Cancer claimed her…as it has done so often lately..both the famous and the local….it seems cancer wins while so many lose….

Still ,Sally Ride was an inspiration for so many of us….I may never have been into the details of science…but I appreciate and admire those that can understand all that…

Sally showed so many of us that being smart…and being into math and science was a good thing….and she also showed that women have just as much to gain from blasting into Space as men do…


One little known fact that I read somewhere ages ago…Ride was not the first choice to be the first woman in Space…That was Judith Resnik….she passed on the honor as she didn’t want the publicity….and she would later perish in the Challenger accident….


So Sally would take that ride…and what a ride it was for all of us….


Thank you Sally for showing so many of us that glass ceiling can be shattered…and that we too can “touch the face of God”….

“In Peace Go my sister….in peace”…



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