Posted by: suek2001 | July 23, 2012

Mourning for Colorado

I’m sure by now, we all know the details of the shooting at the movie theater in Colorado. It is a tragedy to be sure but what I dread most is the intense navel gazing by intellectuals that soon follow a national tragedy on the epic scale.

There will be comments on gun rights, gun control, mental illness, theater safety, violence in schools, violence in homes, violence on the big screen, where was God, we need God, there IS no God, God is coming again…and on and on and on….

I consider myself to be an intellectual but I won’t add a long drawn-out column about all that..because with all of that, we bury the cold, hard facts that someone killed a lot of cold blood…and there’s no way we’ll get those lives back…

I mourn for the victims, both living and dead…I mourn for  families whose loss has yet to really be told..I mourn for the first-responders who will live with the images that night..I mourn for the loss of the experience of going to a movie….and I mourn for the staff at that theater and how they have to live with working at a place that was filled with carnage..

Most of all, I mourn for Colorado…In the past 13 years, Colorado has had two horrific mass shootings…the state has not been the same…

When tragedy hits on such a massive scale, it is hard to separate it from the place it happened…I still see a bombed out building in Oklahoma City..I still see the Towers on fire in NYC…and whenever I visit Minneapolis, I still see the echoes of the horror of the I-35 bridge collapse…and I’m sure for many, Dallas will always be where JFK died….

Our nation is made of great cities..and in this era of 24 hour newscasts and social media, it is easy to label cities and states by tragedy..I don’t want to see that happen in Colorado…

It has been almost 15 years since  John Denver left us, but, to me, his music is Colorado..and what I think of whenever the state is discussed..

Colorado needs to be associated with camping, mountains, wildlife and a great people willing to welcome those seeking a new life….not by this….

I’m not saying we should forget these shootings and the lessons they bring but I am saying that Colorado deserves better than to be forever linked to something like this…

So, let us mourn the dead..let us pray for the living…and let us hope for a brighter future…

……… those “rocky cathedrals that reach for the sky”…



  1. This is beautifully written Sue! And it’s full of beautiful sentiments. 🙂

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