Posted by: suek2001 | July 1, 2012

“My world is a flood, slowly I become one with the mud”

I suppose if I start writing again, I have to write about the Great Flood of 2012.

There are plenty of stories and pictures of the damage out there. Duluth and the surrounded areas were hit the hardest….

To me, those pictures are like a knife in the heart of home…


Let me be clear..I Thank God that no humans died….but we lost some animals at our zoo…and the damage was extensive…

Still, seeing the pictures and the damage right out on my street, hurt me deeply…I’m sure a lot of my fellow Duluthians feel hurt….

In the past 11 years, I have come to know the city and it’s people and we really do care about our town. Politics and weather will forever be hot topics that may rile us but when disaster hits, we are there for each other…

My Church was wonderfully spared while other churches were not. I ache for those people that don’t have their building to worship in. Yes, the house of God is in our hearts and not a building but still, there’s that dark reality that may cause some to find other places to worship and then the “family” of that Church is no more..

The same can be said for those who have lost their homes…..Families can be split apart if someone decides to pack it all in and move to another town…and in that the “family” of Duluth loses…


It took our town a while to get over the shock and fascination with the damage…and now we move towards recovery. Many of my fellow Duluthians do NOT have flood insurance…We are hoping that the State and the FEDS help us out.

One note of politics that IS relevant…I did not vote for our current Governor, Mark Dayton. I am not of the same political stripe as he is. I also have my issues with several things he has done while in office but I must tip my hat(if I wore one) to him for getting here within 24 hours to survey the damage..and coming back within a week of that to give us updates on what is being done and what lies ahead. In that respect, I feel sorry for Wisconsin for their leadership has been absent for the most part from the Superior area as they took a few hits from this flood as well..

One of the weird byproducts of this flood means that some of the money we get will go to our sewer system….

Duluth has long begged for money for the sewers…and while the State lovingly gives money to sports teams or various bike trails, Duluth has gotten passed over time and again for this money. If I am not mistaken, our infrastructure is about a century old. We need this repair.

One of the personal notes of this flood hit me deeply..When my Aunt Betsy died, I spoke at her funeral and I said she gave me two things in life that I’ll always be grateful for. Duluth and John Denver music…

I am so glad she is not here to see what became of the city she gave me. I am also glad she is not here to see the Swinging Bridge in Jay Cooke State Park be only half of what it was..with the rest of the twisted wreckage dangling in the water…

My Aunt and Uncle were married on that bridge about 17 years ago. I was their maid of honor. I read a poem I wrote(back when I thought I was ALL THAT!) that day…and all I remember of the poem went something like:

“the bridge that we stood on just know, reflects that paths of our lives somehow

When we see the storms ahead, we’ll march across that bridge together”


….or something like that….

Duluth is at that bridge right now…the flood is in our past and HOPE and recovery is the future…

Duluth IS open for business..and yeah, come up and gawk…and come up and see the damage but this is a city filled with real people…and we are ready to open up to you  to show what kind of city we have been and will be…

I know New York loves to claim the title but this really is the greatest city in the least to me.






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