Posted by: suek2001 | September 2, 2011

Closing out my 30’s

I’m writing this at the close of the day..this isn’t just any closing day..It’s the last day of my 30’s. I turn 40 tomorrow….and I am not sure how I feel about that but age is inevitable..and I shall accept that.

I have also been unsure of what exactly this means. Old age? I’m getting glasses next week but my eyes have always been weak..Can’t recall names? I’m horrible at connecting names and faces….so old age isn’t really a fear of mine…dying of loneliness?  Nah..lived with it long enough that fear of it is no longer an issue..

I know some say that I shouldn’t look back on my life. Maybe, they think I’ll have regrets..I do..on things I have said and people I have hurt but overall, I am happy with the direction that my has gone.. Each decade of my life has some great things and lousy things happen. I recall I didn’t want my 20’s to end as I loved that era of my life..yet, my 30’s were a whole lot better.. I moved to my dream city..met some great friends and discovered a great church.

 This decade in my life has also had it’s share of pain but pain is an interesting attribute in life. It helps you love good times even more. I’m not sure I’m ready to “celebrate” being 40 but I am ready to embrace it because God has been with me these past 40 years, I know He will be with me in the next 40 or so…



  1. Happy, happy birthday tomorrow, dear friend. 🙂 Here’s to another decade of greatness (and maybe your first novel, perhaps?). Hope you have a wonderful celebrating filled with all your favorite things.

  2. Sue,
    You will be sharing this decade of your life with others that have gone before you.
    That number was scary for me last year but also empowering.
    You write as if turning 40 is the end of your life and thought of as old age. It isn’t! I am proof of that.
    Embrace your independence and beginning with tomorrow proudly state that you are 40. 🙂

  3. You are fabulous and funny and I’m glad you’ve been around for 4 decades! I’m not far behind you………
    Love ya girl!

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