Posted by: suek2001 | June 30, 2011

I wish myself a Happy Anniversary!

 ..and the road shines bright…..

 I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I moved to Duluth.

I still recall a circle of friends praying over me in my apartment that night..after all the furniture had been moved in..

 It took years to have some measure of wordly success here but the whole time I felt like I was home.

Finding an awesome church, having great friends..and living in a great apartment all sealed the deal.

There’s so much to say about my life here..some esoteric….some just random observations and some random stories over the years that should be shared…

I should write about all of that in the next few months or so…

I’m also turning 40 in a few months so that adds a level of importance to this ten-year mark.

I will say this, there was a time when some of my friends and even family were suggesting that I give up on finding a job, a church and surrender to the inevitable stench of failure and move back to Minneapolis.

I didn’t..I have my mother’s stubborn streak. She moved to Florida and endured rough patches as well and was told by family that she made a mistake and should crawl back to Minnesota.


There are moments you know , you are home. For Mom, it was getting off the plane on September 2nd, 1979. For me it was July 1st, 2001. I knew the moment I walked out of my new apartment to a breezy 60 degree day..sunny and clear…and seeing all the tourists enjoy Canal Park..and knowing that for once, I wasn’t facing a long ride back to Minneapolis in either a Greyhound or someone’s car…that I didn’t have to watch a city that for years was just a dream and postcards on my wall, shrink in size out the back window as the car/bus went slowly up 35W far away…

 It is not a dream. Life in Duluth is real…and I have no regrets..



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