Posted by: suek2001 | June 30, 2011

An Open Letter of Love to Abundant Life Tabernacle-My Church

To the people and staff at Abundant Life Tabernacle in Duluth, MN: 

I hope I get this out right. This has been bubbling in my head for a few weeks.

I began going to Abundant Life Tabernacle about five years ago. I don’t think my life in Duluth has ever been the same. As I approach my tenth year of living in Duluth, I realize how much I am blessed.

 A big part of that blessing is Abundant Life.

 I have attended lots of churches over the years. Most of them are Pentecostal. Some Baptists ones…and even a Catholic Mass or two. I have had three churches make an impact on me..all for different reasons.

 The first was Cape Coral Assembly of FL…that one had Pastor Charles was a church where I learned about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. It was where I witnessed the “family of God” precept. The services were strong. The people were good. It was a great church to grow up in.

 After that, I moved to Minneapolis and as any Bible college kid would, I church-shopped…attended a few on a regular basis more out of necessity and school requirement but I couldn’t find a real church to grow in.

 Until, a friend dragged me to her church. Columbia Heights Assembly of God. I loved Pastor Dan..His snarkiness mixed with great, intellectual discussions on the Bible..and he was a North Central Grad….I only went there for about a year or so before moving to Duluth.

 It took five years and countless churches to find Abundant Life. I know preachers and pastors who love to say that nothing happens by accident when choosing a church..and in the long run, I suppose they are right.

Abundant Life was the second to last option in my church search. After that, I would really give up.

I chose it because it was near a bus route and the timing was such that I would arrive early to the service. Most of the times I would arrive late which goes against every fiber of my being..

 I quietly walked in to this small church and saw a small crowd gather around this one lady sitting in the back row. All these people kept saying how glad they were that she was back. I asked her if she had gone on vacation. Her reply sealed the deal. “No, this is my second week”. I knew this was a church that didn’t forget it’s people. By the end of the service, I knew this was the church for me. The people were friendly. The preaching was good..the music was everything I knew and oldies I hadn’t hear since childhood..and I had an offer for a ride….as they thought it was just too much to take the bus.

 I want you all to know that I never take Abundant Life Tabernacle for granted. I tell people that my going to my church is like a giant hug from God. There is nothing else like it.

 I love that no matter how bad I am, spiritually, physically or emotionally, you all will love me with the love of Christ. You see me at my best every week but I know you have the Love of Christ that gets me through it all..

 I have tried so many times over the years to testify about how loved I feel by you all but I can never get the words out right. This letter comes close but still isn’t enough.

 For those that read this blog and wonder where my church is, it’s in Duluth, MN at 59th and Bristol. If you live nowhere near here, ask yourself if you truly love your church. Is it feeding you? Are you feeding others through it? It is time that we as a Christ followers, find or remake our churches to be more like the mind of Christ. I know I have a church like this…and I love it.





  1. Sue,

    You said so many wonderful things about the people of Abundant Life and how the Lord gives you a hug when you come…I thank the Lord that He has touched your life and the lives of all of us, and that He genuinely gives us a love not only for Him, but for people. All people…not just the ones that are all dressed up and carrying a big Bible to church…but even those who look like they don’t have a friend in the world and never set a foot into the realm of the religious. We all need a friend and the best Friend we can have…is Jesus. I thank the Lord today and every day for the supreme sacrifice that He made on our behalf.

    God Bless you,


    PS The church address is on 60th and Bristol…I’m not sure where folks would end up if they go to 59th and Bristol. Maybe Menards…lol

    • Pastor, I was going off the 5919 address..Seann told me that years ago, he would send out form letters for fundraising and whenever they sent any mail to Abundant Life, it always was returned..He didn’t take it personally though…:-)
      At least I found our church eventually. I am thankful everyday for our church. The love and support you all gave given me cannot be outdone. I hope to be more involved and give back what you all so willingly give.

  2. Snarky? SNARKY? 😉

    • I mean that in all love..:-)..I love snark and if there’s anyone that can successfully snark on growing up in the A/G, it is you, Pastor Dan..and yes, even though I am no longer under your leadership, you still influence me and I consider you a strong mentor in my life and I am thrilled that I got to know you and for our connection on Facebook. Snark..and all..:-)

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