Posted by: suek2001 | November 25, 2010

A Thanksgiving Blog!

 It is a sunny, cold morning here in Duluth. The sun is reflecting on the Aerial Bridge as a barge-like ship navigates the canal into port. The combination of cold and snow have made Lake Superior appear as a giant ice skating rink. Looking closer, I can see small waves trying to make it to shore.

All of this is a great, meditative way to begin my Thanksgiving. I don’t have a carload of relatives on their way to my place. Even if they were, they’d have to bring Mcdonalds as I don’t cook. I will be going out to eat with friends and then working my new job later today.

 I do all this while people are standing guard at military bases all over the globe. I am so grateful for their courage to do what they do so I can be at peace on this day. Justified in their actions or not, that’s for the intellectuals and politicians to decide. For now, I am grateful and prayerful these troops will have just one slice of normality in their lives today.

I do all this while men and women put on uniforms to protect our communities from crime and fire. I’m sure there are statistics out there that show holidays are less dangerous than normal days but they risk their lives so that we all may enjoy a day in peace.

I do all this while my friends and family who aren’t nearby have a great day off or great day working their jobs I know they are thankful for. These people have made me who I am in my faith, in my joy and in my daily life. Without them, each day would be a bit darker.

 God has given me so much to be thankful for. My lifestyle may never make it onto Forbes Most Influential but it does bless me on a daily basis.

 I am blessed to have a home in my favorite city. I am blessed to have close friends either here in town or within a few hundred miles. I am blessed to have found a church that enriches my life in more ways that I can articulate. I am blessed with the sense of hearing, sight, taste and touch. These senses enhance my life every day. I pray for those today that don’t feel all that blessed….they look around and see what they do have..and who they have in their lives.

 Life truly is worth at least one smile a day. Happy Thanksgiving!


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